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My February Favorites 2023

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Chris and I left for North Carolina two years ago to start our home-hunting journey, so February is always a memorable year. We decided to move in the middle of a long winter and there were so many unknowns at the time, but I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else, so I’m so glad I made the jump. Last year he completed his research transformation in February and can you believe he is transforming his research again a year later? Along with adding pocket doors and built-ins, it’s the third charm, so I’m repainting it. Other highlights this month include the release of yet another Jules rug and the launch of the Faye flooring product line with Stuga. good thing.

shopping in the dining room

In other news, I’m finally ready to drill some holes this wallpaper Hang up your art! My plan is to create a gallery wall with vintage paintings of food and portraits.I can’t decide! I hope you find something that might make a positive change in your life. , thought I’d share a bunch of my favorite ride-or-die products this month.

February Favorites

These are my new favorite faux florals I got this month! They are from Afloral which has the best florals you can get and the quality matches their reputation. I got flowers in pink Very delicate and beautiful.

I know I’ll get blamed for sharing this, but I recently swapped out my washcloths for these disposable towels. is. Rather than using a bacteria-contaminated washcloth, you can dry your face or combine it with a makeup remover or cleanser. It can be a little wasteful to use and throw it in the trash, but knowing that it is 100% biodegradable makes me feel better. Highly recommended if you are in the skin care age too. It’s almost a tuck cloth.

I live on this set in Hawaii and I live at home too. Very comfortable, but very cute. Lounge knit has arrived!

Cricket couldn’t help but put this monogrammed collar on her because her puppy’s collar had grown too big.

Upgraded her feeder so it can hold more food and water.

I found a moss bunny at Target’s dollar counter and bought it in a hurry. Unfortunately not available online, these are so similar I can’t handle the cuteness!

I live in these Amazon Dropchain hoops. They are sterling silver, nickel free and hypoallergenic so they won’t irritate your ears and are virtually weightless.You won’t believe these prices!

I got these platters last year and I still love them! You can count on them to instantly dress up any table setting and use them for your Easter dinner.

Hands down my absolute favorite swimsuit. I have lavished on this suit and wanted to wear it exclusively while in Hawaii.It is one size fits all and very comfortable and flattering.

Throw away all your makeup brushes and replace them with this one. My makeup routine wouldn’t be complete without this blending brush doing all the heavy lifting. I’ve had a lot of questions if I use the same brush for my foundation stick, my bronzer and my cream blush, and the answer is yes! I go from lightest to darkest and finally blush. I don’t clean every day. This brush is just the best of the best.

This Jules rug is a new addition to the collection, and it’s hard to even describe in a photo, but it’s stunning. Filled with pink and rust colors, it will warm up any space.

When I was sorting out my junk drawer, I got a ton of messages saying that the edges of the battery touched and couldn’t be stored or could catch fire. So I got this battery organizer. Now I can sleep soundly through the night knowing that my battery will never be misplaced or malfunction.

When I was in San Francisco for a photo shoot earlier this month, my makeup artist used this setting spray while I was prepping. I mist it magically and keep my makeup completely fade-free.

This sarong goes with every swimsuit I wear in Hawaii and is not a staple in my swimsuit wardrobe.

A big shout out to Stuga and Faye for their new flooring line. It was installed in CLJ’s new office space and attracted a lot of attention. Order your free sample now!

Okay, okay, I’m not exactly sure what you’re going to see, but I ordered this silver vase. It’s totally adorable, but it’s actually very small, or at least much smaller than I imagined, but I love it. I was thinking of going on the desk, but now I’m thinking of taking the bud next to the sink.

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