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My Experience With A Relatively New Energy Shifting Practice Surprised Me!

by Contributing Author

I have been in and out of the world of energy and metaphysics for as long as I can remember. As an adult, I have tried every new energy shift practice I could find. And when I say this, know that I have searched high and low. I have been touched a few times.

These days I am much more discerning about what I am going to do. Some of the guidelines are listed below. I don’t physically ingest anything (i.e. I don’t buy intention candles or other intention-infused objects) unless I add my own intention to the object from a highly trained specialist. Please tell me my exact future because I deeply believe that our future and property are what we make.

All of the above backfired spectacularly on me. In fact, I’ve learned a lot about what works for me from these experiences, so I’m going to make a video about all of the above.

If you enjoy any or all of the above, that’s great. I am not here to criticize, judge, or declare my values ​​superior. nothing like that. I like to lay the groundwork before talking about energy and emotional shifts. Then you will know where I came from. What works for you is great, and I will advocate and support all that you hold dear.

Now let’s get down to what I’ve tried recently. Madvi, A member of Feng Shui Camp contacted me and offered to do an Emotional Code and Body Code session with me.

Of course, I am always grateful for all the wonderful acts of generosity. And then my curiosity peaked. I had never tried this before!

emotional code body code

if you don’t know anything about emotion code Also body code, This is an energy modality developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson that is meant to work by identifying and releasing trapped emotions in your body and energy fields. There are several aspects to this exercise. Identify underlying emotions with muscle testing, set an intention to release them, then use a magnet or your hand to release them (because it is thought to have its own magnetic power). I’m oversimplifying a lot, but I’ve linked both books at the top of this paragraph so you can read more about the authors themselves.

I don’t know much more about the origins of this method, but I realized that it seems to be within my personal parameters. Madvi.

I attended my first session and knew very clearly that I was dealing with overwhelmed emotions caused by nearly six months of battling a very bad business deal. I finished the project and walked away, but no matter what I did, the energy just didn’t go away.

We worked online and Madhvi guided us through many screens online full of checklists. These checklists showed underlying potential aspects of my emotional problems. and some deal with physical symptoms. She walked us through the process of narrowing down our options and identifying all the dynamics associated with this particular problem. Once you find the problem aspect at hand, first set your intention, then ‘clear’ that energy by swiping your hand over your forehead and over the back of your head a few times. Some people have magnets with them when doing this, but I didn’t try magnets until after many sessions.

She told me that different practitioners work in different ways. I loved her personal method. It was fascinating to see the layering of issues in how current emotions relate to so many facets of the body and mind. I loved looking at the list. I loved learning more about the different types of energies being explored.

I was open minded and had very few expectations, so I leaned into the process as I went through the session.

In the end, I no longer felt that particular overwhelm. In fact, it’s been a very hectic month since that session, and that feeling hasn’t returned. We did – and it was amazing.

I decided to do a series of sessions that followed. Madhvi has a variety of topic-focused programs. Love is the central topic she focuses on, but we started with a rundown of common beliefs about abundance.

It was eye-opening for me to see strong beliefs on the list and it was really reassuring to follow the same process and get past them. Muscle test the checklist and get to the heart of each one.

The most refreshing part of the whole experience was not having to recreate or talk about each event or idea that came to my mind. Still, I felt a huge relief when the session ended.

I can’t speak specifically to the results of every item I’ve covered in my “rich list” of beliefs, but I can say that as the sessions progressed, I was gaining a lot of momentum with my new project. It was like removing and clearing out layers of old energy that weren’t there. I felt lighter, clearer, more present and more focused.

The most significant thing for me is that the overwhelming feeling of overwhelm that I cleared in the beginning never returned.

If you want to know more, you can learn about Emotion Code, Body Code and Madhvi practices. Visit her website here.

It was a pleasant surprise and made me want to do more. Let’s see what happens when we approach the topic of love and health. Can’t wait to see how things play out in 2019!

Thank you again for your joy, creativity, uplifting spirit and so much excellence!

XO XO! ! !


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