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My Everyday Makeup Look

by Contributing Author

Over the years, my everyday makeup has evolved as I discovered and fell in love with new products. I love looking for unique items. I like to keep my makeup routine simple and I don’t change it often every day, but I love that I don’t struggle to look polished in less than 10 minutes. So I thought I’d share the whole process that follows my morning skincare routine.

I first apply this perfect complexion stick under my baggy (thank you, Dad) under-eyes. The beauty of it is that it’s “buildable” so it doesn’t cake or flake when you apply other products on top. I’m using the shade ocher . This is a light medium shade with warm undertones. After applying, blend with a beauty blender.

This foundation is a recent addition to my makeup look. I loved the bareMinerals I was using, but it didn’t work as well as I thought it would in contouring and blending. Squirt a pea-sized amount onto wrist and dab onto face with beauty blender!

Rihanna blew me away with this contour stick. Smooth as butter, just a little goes a long way. I like to contour my cheekbones, jawline, hairline and nose. She uses the color “Swedish”. Don’t forget to blend, blend, blend.

Then use this Merit Bronzing Balm for all-over warmth, applying and blending wherever the sun naturally touches. I love shade, Seine. Blending again.

Like I said, I’m a big fan of Merit Beauty products, especially this sassy blush! It’s a cool pink tone that’s perfect for a subtle cheek look. Tired of me saying blended?

Whenever you want to put a little more effort into your makeup look, weight your blush a little heavier with this all-time favorite sangria color.

I love to keep my eyeshadows neutral and this shadow palette has been a staple of mine for a few years now.

This brow pencil is everything I want in a brow pencil. It glides on smoothly to create the finest strokes and lasts all day. I recently switched from Universal Taupe shade to Brunette and I love it.

I always follow up my brows with this clear brow gel to keep them in place. It’s light.

Once the rest of your makeup has settled down a bit, take a moment and add some highlighter on the tip of your nose and above your cheekbones. Best. Don’t forget to blend ;).

Red Aspen specializes in press-on nails, so you wouldn’t expect this mascara to be the best, but it really is.

Then brush this translucent setting powder all over your face. It is light and comfortable to wear and prevents makeup from coming off all day long.

I don’t know who I would be without pomegranate lip balm.

And you have it! Sure, makeup works, but I spend even more time laying the groundwork for a thorough skincare routine. check it out!

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