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Mushroom Wood Bowl Centerpiece

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I made crepe paper mushrooms in this post. I wanted to use them to create a fun springtime decoration as a centerpiece for a mushroom wood bowl on my kitchen table. I love the idea of ​​forest-based decor transitioning into spring! This post has a video where you can see the entire process of creating eyeballs.

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To create my centerpiece, I used a long wooden serving platter I already own and purchased years ago as a base, but any wooden bowl will work. this is really cool, is in great shape and is almost 32 inches long.discoverable Click here for other supplies such as moss.

Add cardboard and tape inside the bowl

I wanted it to be edible in the future, so I cut a piece of cardboard out of a box I had on hand and taped it along the sides to keep the moss clean. I love preserved moss, but it’s really annoying. I love making crafts and decorations with moss because moss is such a wonderful medium, like this giant moss wall abstract art hanging.

Add hot glue to the floral foam for the centerpiece.

I hot glued dry floral foam cut in half onto cardboard tape. My long bowl fits three of his bricks cut into six pieces. I used some extra bricks and cut out a few smaller pieces to fit over the edges.

Apply white glue to dry floral foam to hold moss

I covered the entire mound with white craft glue, then added 3 different types of moss on top and pressed them into the glue, adding more as needed to give a “tree-like” effect. Regular green preserved moss, bright green reindeer moss, and dried Spanish moss were used for texture and variation.

Add moss to the top of the centerpiece

Once all the foam is covered, carefully push the wood dowel mushroom stems into the moss and dry floral foam at varying heights, placing the smallest on the outer edge and the largest in the center for a natural look. give you a feel. .

put mushrooms in moss

Styled over a natural fiber runner for easy removal when eating or wanting to use the table.

Mushroom and moss centerpiece

Paper mushrooms are cute, and I made a cute terrarium. I will share that project with you too! These are super sweet and make a fun and inexpensive accent. For another wooden bowl centerpiece idea with moss, see how I created this artificial orchid display for my dining room table.

Dining room with MCM table and forest with mushroom decoration
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