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Mood Board Monday: Baby Boy Nursery & Little Girl Bedroom

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we are recent Our Pottery Barn Kids Collection, of course, thanks to all of you. It warmed our hearts to see our vision come to life and the support we have received. Thank you very much.we designed This kids collection I can’t think of a better way to demonstrate this than by presenting two mood boards designed two ways to make them versatile across ages and genders.

Fulmer nursery school

You may have seen me spend some time painting nursery rooms for my best friends Kelsi and Caleb Fulmer when I went to Idaho last month. So, we’ll be back in Idaho in the next few months to wrap it all up, but I’m so excited to finally share the details of this super top secret project…we’ve been protecting ourselves!

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mural | | floor lamp | | art prints | | bubble light | | curtain fabric | | dresser | | Glider + Ottoman | | blanket | | crib | | crib sheet | | rug | | mirror | | basket | | Linus Pillow | | ralph pillow

The walls are already painted a pale blue with Benjamin Moore Welsh Grey, and I’m so excited to install the peel and stick system. wallpaper muralThen load all the finishing details. At first, Rolloy RagAll the main furniture is from the Pottery Barn Kids collection, cribwhich Transforms into a toddler bed Blends beautifully with turned legs dresser Comes with a removable replacement table topper. Every nursery needs a glider.We had gliders that we loved and we were jealous we couldn’t use them this glider for my baby! There is nothing more comfortable and beautiful than this. A half-moon ottoman is standard equipment.almost forgot about bubble light chandelierThis is very reminiscent of the fixtures in Fay’s old room. Plaids and stripes throughout the room are very complementary to the Idaho location. forest animals OUR FRAMED ARTWORK display frame, open from the front. This means that exchanging artwork is easy.i got you This really pretty and soft plaid fabric I make custom curtains. sheet, baby blanket,pillow.

Faye’s room

As I said before, this collection is versatile across ages and genders and will take you to Faye’s room!

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marlo chandelier | | wallpaper | | velvet curtains | | mirror | | quilt set | | sheet | | dresser | | Desk lamp | | bed | | rug | | accent chair | | mushroom basket

Our 9-year-old daughter Faye knew this collection would be scattered all over her room, so she waited patiently for this collection to drop! , as a warning, waiting for all wallpaper samples to arrive before making a decision. But this is the direction I’m leaning towards, and I love how it looks. Covered with wallpaper. This warm maybe/brown floral pattern. Too beautiful. I also like the idea of ​​doing a contrasting trim with glossy navy he paint. Not including fixtures from the Shades of Light collection would be a big missed opportunity. marlo. of bed and dresser Two peas in the pod. I want to use this beautifully. embroidery quilt From our PBK collection. Fun fact: I edited the colors a few times before I landed on this poppy red-orange flower. burnt orange velvet curtains (Faye’s favorite color).Oh, and the quilt is reversible and has pale gingham on the other side. accent chair Very practical and ties everything together. lastly, Desk lamp It was designed specifically with Faye in mind as she is my trinket collector.

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