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Modern Wood Painted Flower Pot

by Contributing Author

Hey, guys!This is Angela from Fifty-three. Thank you for welcoming my simple and affordable crafts into your home again.This month I made a very easy and modern wood painting flowerpot to help you welcome spring. This is very easy with a few ingredients.

Things to prepare: Wooden flowerpot (the one I used) This one), artist brushes, painter’s tape, paint of your choice (note: works equally well for crafts and wall paint), toothbrush (cheap at the 100-yen shop), plants.

Supplies for painting modern wooden flowerpots

First, tape off the part of the flowerpot that you want to paint. Half painted and half left natural. I also taped the inside of the pot to make the edges crispy. Then apply 1-2 coats of paint to the pot and allow to dry.

Create a modern wooden flower pot with black paint using painters tape

When it’s dry, use a toothbrush to squirt the second color of paint over the previously painted parts of the pot. (This gets a little messy, so be sure to protect your workspace.) Set the pot on its side until completely dry and remove the painters tape.

Paint a modern wooden flower pit with speckled paint for spring

Add your favorite plants to a modern painted wood pot (I kept them in their original pots and didn’t transplant them) and enjoy. These wooden eggs are made in much the same way. (Tutorial is at the end of this post.)

Modern wooden flowerpot with beads and green spring

Great fun as an accent on a side table.

Modern wooden flowerpot with cute spots

Learn more about the benefits of using a toothbrush here. I wanted pretty consistent full coverage, so I like the transition between fine splashes and big blemishes. No two are the same, so they are truly unique.

Modern wooden flowerpot with black and white spots

Mottled modern wooden flowerpot

I also love dip-dyes and two-tone graphic elements when decorating. I taped the lip and painted it, so it looks cool even from above.

clover in a pot

I hope you all enjoy this little project! It would be great to do it with the kids!

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