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Micro Time Wasters | How they steal your time and ways to recognize them

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recognize and avoid micro time waster Wasting time without providing real value is essential to regaining control of our lives. Identify and eliminate small time wasters from your daily tasks for better time management Read on for tips.

Are you guilty of wasting time on these?

  • spend too much time on social media
  • watching too much tv
  • play video games for hours
  • stay up late and procrastinate

If so, You are not alone.

But these examples are some of the biggest time wasters that come to mind when thinking about time management.

Create a home management plan that works for you

and occasionally These activities are a way to decompress and relax, so you don’t want to remove them all together.!

Rather than worrying about how you spend your leisure time (which you shouldn’t!), little time leak Slowly taking your time…

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When you think of time wasters, you probably binge-watch series on Netflix, spend hours arguing with people on the Internet, scrolling through Facebook and Instagram, or chatting with your office mates instead of working. You may think of activities that waste a lot of your time, such as doing

However Not all ways we waste time are obvious or easy to discover.

In this article you will learn about micro time waster It can really add up over time.

Read these examples and tips, and you’ll probably find other time wasters in your life too!

common time waster

  1. I’m looking for a mobile phone charger. How often do you need a phone charger and spend a lot of time looking for it? Have multiple chargers and keep them where you spend the most time.It takes time to go find a charger, but the real time waster is Confusion in your thinking and workflow. Plus, when you leave what you were working on, it’s easy to get distracted along the way.
  2. slow internet. How much time do you spend waiting for it to load on your computer? You may not think it’s a big deal, but it adds up all the time. If your internet speed is noticeably slow, you are wasting your time. It may be worth calling your internet service provider to see what they can do to improve your internet speed.
  3. Checking email. It only takes 5 seconds to check your email, right? No. That simple check will change your concentration.
  4. notificationSeeing or hearing notifications ringing on your phone or computer can be distracting. Even if you don’t pay attention to notifications right away, interruptions will stop your train of thought and take time to get back on track. Turn off notifications, especially when you want to be more focused and productive.
  5. clutter – Cluttered spaces make it difficult to find things and focus. He should take five minutes to clear his workspace before starting work.
  6. drink. How often do you stop for a drink? Too many times, too many. Carry a drink with you while you work so you can stay focused.
  7. snack food. Grab a snack and keep it nearby before you start working on your project. If you have to leave work to find a snack, you never know who you’ll run into or how far away you’ll be.
  8. gas for your car. You don’t want to rush Monday morning to find out that your car needs gas on your way to work or school. If possible, fill up your car on weekends so you don’t have to worry about it during the week.
  9. meal. It takes a lot of time to constantly think about meals, plan meals, buy ingredients, and wash the dishes. A lot of time is wasted when you have to stop for breakfast on your way to work, eat lunch outside, and buy groceries at the store for dinner. Plan ahead and create a rotation of simple meals that are quick and easy to make. You save even more time by not having to go to the grocery store for pickup or delivery. But if he can go to the store at most once a week, it will save him hours each week.
  10. Lost item. This could be a mobile phone, wallet, keys, wallet, pens, shoes, coat, umbrella, or anything else you have misplaced. Have a designated place for your essentials.
  11. Not planning. Planning ahead takes time, but can save you a lot of time down the road. You don’t have to create an elaborate schedule to reap the benefits of planning. Just make a list of the top 3 tasks you want to complete each day. This allows you to focus on what matters most to you.

After eliminating the few time wasters in your life, yYou will soon find that the impact on your life is significant.

All chaos has more impact than the time it takes from you. You also lose focus and focus.

After taking some time to deal with distractions, it takes time to get back on track.

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Other time management ideas

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