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Making the Office Feel Like Home With Framed Photos

by Contributing Author

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When I started designing the CLJ office for our team, I wanted it to feel like a more modern extension of the Chris Loves Julia style. It’s a workspace in a commercial building, so I went with a more commercial, modern design style, but of course with a personal touch. It’s been less than a month since our team moved in, but being in this newly renovated space has us all on cloud nine.I haven’t finished the furniture and decorations yet, but I recently hung some furniture to make it feel more like home great framed pictures.

I wanted to fill the walls with memories and milestones of Chris Loves Julia. Artifact Uprising It was the only shop we considered. A few years ago, we gave Chris’ parents a large family photo we ordered. Artifact Uprising, and they printed and framed it for us. It was the easiest gift ever. So when it came to office furniture, I knew they would be perfect to use because I wanted to make an entire gallery hallway or something.

Framed photo in gallery hallway

Our office has hallways leading to meeting rooms, team rooms, small private offices, and utility closets. Along that hall he had two walls adorned with galleries of the history of the CLJ House. Artifact made the whole process a lot easier. frame selectioncustomize the size of the mat, upload a photo, unpack and hang.

Buying a frame was easy as I believe all the styles are of high quality and match the modern aesthetic of the office. modern metal frame 16×20 reveals a 10×10 mat that feels like an art gallery.Once you’ve uploaded all your photos, you can customize your mat.

Of course, their premium prints turned out beautifully. My favorite part is that everything is ready to hang! Of course Chris used magic to hang these bad boys right away and the office space instantly felt uplifted and even more like home.

We love looking out from our desks and glimpsing this gallery of moments that define our company and team. is not. And the same goes for framed photos around your home! We think a gallery hallway of memorable family moments will always feel intimate. It’s a sure-fire way to refresh and enhance your home this spring.

We repeated another gallery wall in the same hallway. I love to glance down and see all of the geometric shapes and lines that converge from the frame. We call it our little hall of fame 🙂

The best view is standing in our meeting room, beautiful frame through glass.

Framed photo in the break room

In the “rest room” attached to the kitchenette, we take a lunch break here when the banquet arrives.I wanted to feature more casual team moments modern metal frame in brass.

I love how the touch of gold blends beautifully with the wallpaper and allows me to look back on those special moments each day.

  • Above left: First day in North Carolina
  • Top right: All of us girls who happened to be wearing black bathing suits on our trip to St. Lucia last year.
  • Bottom left: at your favorite lunch spot
  • Bottom right: Christmas photo of our team!

We are still finalizing our office space and can’t wait to show you more. beautiful metal frame, It feels more individual and complete. But more than that, I feel it’s an extension of us and a reminder of what CLJ is all about.

Artifact Uprising We are offering CLJ followers 15% off with code: Julia 15 Refresh and personalize your space with timeless frames. Whether you’re looking for something small to display on your desk or a full gallery hallway like ours, there’s something for everyone.

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