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Make Crepe Paper Mushrooms

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I wanted something special as a centerpiece for my kitchen table instead of flowers and it was very interesting. I had the idea to make something that sits inside a removable wooden bowl. It’s our only table, so everything on top needs to be taken off at mealtime.Using a long mango wood bowl that I bought a few years ago, I crepe him with a wooden bowl centerpiece. I wanted to make paper his mushrooms. I loved the idea of ​​stuffing it with sweet and delicate mushrooms. It’s as if someone cut a piece of the forest floor and placed it in a diorama-type forest display in an instant, and I’ll show you how I put it together in the next post.

These delicate paper mushrooms are easy to make and use common ingredients. To make mushrooms you will need:

Ingredients for paper mushrooms

White and tan party crepe paper (or any other color of your choice. If you can only find white, don’t worry, you can paint with watercolors later.

a thin wooden dowel stick or skewer

white craft glue


watercolor paints and brushes

white cardboard

floral foam

To create the paper mushroom tops, start by drawing different sized circles on a piece of cardboard.

Trace the circle and cut it out with scissors

Cut cardstock into various sized circles and make a small notch in the center.

make a slit in the center of the circle

Slide one end of the slit over the other and use white craft glue to secure the ends to create a loose cone shape.

Apply glue to the edge and glue

I like to sit down and make a lot of these at once before moving on to the next step. Once the cone is dry, apply white craft glue with a brush (or your finger) to the top of the cone. Take a piece of tan crepe paper and place the edge long on top.

Brush glue on the mushroom cap

Collect the crepe paper at the top of the cone and move to the bottom, collect the crepe paper at the top so it is tight at the tip and spreads out at the bottom. Cut off the excess and glue the ends down. Let it dry.

Apply crepe paper to the mushroom hat

Brush excess glue on top and seal any loose ends with crepe paper.

Brush glue on chirimen paper

While the tops are drying, attach small paper ruffles to the stems of the mushrooms.

Cut skewers or dowel sticks to appropriate sizes. I try to make the length of the root of the mushroom proportional to the top. Apply white craft glue to the length of the piece of wood, wrap white crepe paper around the bottom in a spiral, apply white craft glue and glue it.

Wrap crepe paper diagonally around a stick

Fold a piece of white crepe paper about 2 inches long. Apply a little glue to the folded ends and stems of the crepe paper and collect the crepe paper about 1/3 to 2/3 above the base of the paper-covered tree. You can make cute frills and skirts at the base of the mushrooms.

wrap folded crepe paper
Wrap crepe paper around the stem

There’s a trick to making paper mushrooms whose tops look like they’re naturally arranged

Attach the mushroom cap to the stem

When the top and bottom of the mushroom are dry, combine them. The easiest way to do it is A block of dry floral foam to hold and secure the stems of the mushrooms belowthen add a few drops of glue to the inner dots of the mushroom cones and balance the cones on the stems to stick them together.

Brush watercolors on the crepe mushroom hat

Once all the paper mushrooms were assembled and dried, I used a bit of brown and black watercolor paint to add some aging and texture to the top of the mushrooms.I think this little touch is what brings them to life!

put mushrooms in moss

I love the natural and organic look of crepe paper mushrooms. You can see how they were put together to create a forest centerpiece.

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