If you’re discussing the color of the pillows on your living room sofa with a feng shui consultant, you’re in the realm of “micro feng shui.” It’s not the big picture, just details that might not affect you much.

In the vast range of Feng Shui observations and applications, we can create two large categories with several subcategories to define the macro and micro. This doesn’t arbitrarily mean that the macro is always more important than the micro, but it’s wise to understand the difference.

A large mountain near your home is macro feng shui. A large amount of bulky furniture in the room is a virtual mountain of micro feng shui. Not micro or macro, it’s the stone walls of your property that look more like virtual mountains than tall furniture.

The river that flows by your property or the stream that flows around your home is macro feng shui, the larger natural environment. The long corridor is a breeze. Both infuse chi (air currents or life force energy), but on a different scale.

Living in a place like Alaska where it stays dark for most of two months of the year is macro feng shui in the “yin” subcategory. Living in a shady canyon is also shade, but you can leave your home and feel the balance of sunshine in another place nearby. A chronically dark hallway is shady at the micro level and may require artificial lighting as an intervention.

Living on a beach with waves licking your deck is macro feng shui, but having a pool or large fountain on your property is micro feng shui. All of these macro-versus-micro comparisons are relative, much like popular yin-yang theory. One person’s ceiling is another person’s floor.

In modern times, what we often do is first pay attention to what we can control, and moving is often not an option. It’s time. This includes using the room differently if that’s an option. If you can’t change the function of your room, micromanaging your room and living in the best place (for sleeping or for your home office) might be the solution.

Surprisingly, people often get very quick and definite positive results even if they are just messing around with micro feng shui. Please try to imagine. As an example, mass migration is progressing from country to country and state to state, which is exactly what people are doing these days, changing macro feng shui. It has a huge impact not only on them, but on entire communities and nations.

Author: Carter Diamond

Company: Feng Shui Solutions ®

From the Feng Shui health and personal affairs blog series