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Low-Carb Soups with Ground Beef

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This roundup of low-carb ground beef soups makes for an easy cold-weather dinner. Check out these delicious soup recipes! There are a total of 16 types of soup that you can choose from when you look at the ground beef package and don’t know what to make!

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Are you ready for soup weather? I don’t like the cold, but I love making soup, and I love eating hot soup on cold nights. And since ground beef is something that many people always have in their freezer, I think ground beef soup would be a good dinner option for many families!

I will update this collection today low carb ground beef soup Suggestions for delicious meals to make on the weekend. Here are his 8 amazing soup recipes from Kalyn’s Kitchen and his 8 delicious soups from his low carb blog friends for a variety of interesting soup ideas. Some of these are personal favorites of mine, so one of them might be a favorite dinner idea in your home too!

How can I get the full recipe?

Simply click on the recipe title to view the full recipe on the original site. All photos are copyright of the site that posted the recipe.

Want more weekend cooking ideas?

If you’re looking for other weekend cooking ideas, don’t forget my category with weekend food prep ideas for recipes you can prepare or cook on the weekend and eat on the weekday! For a great low-carb Roundup, check out our Recipe Roundup!

Goulash soup in a serving bowl with sour cream in the background

I am a big Hungarian paprika fan and love this stove goulash soup Kalyn’s Kitchen stuffed with ground beef, roasted red peppers, cabbage and lots of paprika. And personally I always eat this with sour cream!

instant pot taco soup Absolutely amazing, even without the beans and tortilla chips that are usually included in this type of soup from Kalyn’s Kitchen. If some family members need them, they can be served at the table.

instant pot low carb ground beef cauliflower soup

instant pot low carb ground beef cauliflower soup Kalyn’s Kitchen’s are warm, cozy, and quick and easy to make.

Kalyn's Kitchen Ground Beef Vegetable Soup

this delicious ground beef vegetable soup Kalyn’s Kitchen’s soup is a ground beef soup I made fairly recently, and it’s delicious. We also have links to similar slow cooker recipes if you prefer that method.

Close-up photo of instant pot low carb goulash soup with ground beef and pepper

If you want to use Instant Pot, this instant pot goulash soup From Kalyn’s Kitchen also uses my favorite spicy Hungarian paprika!

ground beef and sauerkraut soup

Keep an open mind when it comes to this sauerkraut ground beef and sauerkraut soup Sauerkraut is sweet and delicious when simmered in soup, so from Kalyn’s Kitchen! And this recipe has a lot of fans!

low carb pepper soup

low carb pepper soup Kalyn’s Kitchen has ground beef and Italian sausage, and this low-carb version with cauliflower rice is as popular as the original pepper soup rice I made years ago.

Kalyn's Kitchen Instant Pot Low Carb Soup with Ground Beef, Green Beans and Tomatoes

this delicious Ground beef, green beans, tomato instant pot soup This was one of the first soup recipes I made in the Instant Pot and it’s super easy to make.

Ground beef soup:

Other low carb soup ideas:

Pinterest image of low carb soup with ground beef

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