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Love Note from Anjie: Transitions

by Contributing Author

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Jan 7, 2023 // love note from anjie


The weather in New York fluctuates from warm to cold.

In the same way, I feel that there are many changes in the air. I hope everyone can have a safe and happy New Year. In the coming weeks, we will also visit the Year of the Black Water Rabbit. A period of transition in our calendar can offer insight and awareness of how we connect with our world and our own inner environment. Time to reflect with curiosity and joy I would appreciate it if you could provide for yourself.

“Every moment is a chance for a new start”

― Pema Chodron

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Online on Tuesday:

New Year’s feng shui with mindfulness

Engage in meditation practices and feng shui-inspired intention setting to welcome 2023.

Here’s how to bring in the new year with mindfulness through feng shui. Learn how to let go and bring in new fresh chi (life force energy) through the practice of meditation at home.

Hosted by SHAMBHALA New York City

Tuesday, January 10, 2023 at 7:00 PM EST

Join from anywhere with Zoom

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at a private gathering

Lunar New Year

Join us in person on Lunar New Year’s Day (with vegetarian dumplings!) gathering hosted by the Shambhala Center in New York.

Creating a Mandala for 2023: The Year of the Black Water Rabbit (Direct) with Anjie Cho

Sunday, January 22, 2022

Still Mind Zendo, 37 West 17th Street, NYC

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Enrollment possible

reset home and spirit

The annual New Year’s reset package is now open!

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27 days challenge

join us free A 27-day challenge from the winter solstice to the Lunar New Year! Love of Mindful Design Feng Shui School!

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From Heartmind Institute

best year of my life free summit

Join me for a special online event where I’m speaking. Best of the Year Summit January 11-20. These are ten powerful days designed to help kickstart the new year.

We brought together over 45 presenters, including renowned authors, scientists, habit change experts, mindset and success coaches, and experts in relationships, health and wellness, and more.

Alex Ortner, Ocean Robbins, Dr. Dan Seigel, Kelly McGonigal, Thomas Hubl, Kristin Neff, Judson Brewer and many more!

 PS: My session is Jan 19, 2022

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