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Life Lately + Other Random Things

by Contributing Author

It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog post that did nothing but share quick notes and general life updates, but as many of you can relate, May is a whole month of spur-of-the-moment. It’s a month when you’re busy with the tasks you have to do. Here is the list of things I want to tell you.

  • Graduation is approaching for our eldest son. He doesn’t know how he feels, but he got teary-eyed last week as he helped prepare his son’s final school lunch. I mean seriously. this is stupid. It’s okay. It’s okay. Really, that’s a good thing. He’s due to attend Appalachian State University this fall (just hours away!), and the media company he launched last year (videography, photography, design) is going very well. But most importantly he is a very good person. I am a happy mother even though I shed a lot of tears. (I found this post 13 years ago when I was sending him off to school.)
  • Speaking of graduation, we are hosting a small get-together to celebrate his milestone. I keep it simple by just eating the dessert bar in the middle of the afternoon. Pinterest tells me he has to do 100 decorations but he’s a boy so he doesn’t care. He has ordered balloons and is planning to cut down the greenery in his garden.
  • but. . . . We have two 11-year-olds in our house before the graduation party, and I’m seriously considering celebrating them separately. Own friend. that’s fair. Life with twins can be tough. 🙂
  • saw recently this is on instagram I thought it was a good memory. Maybe everything on social media is so overabundant and overproduced that we dismiss the small, truly beautiful things around us as insignificant. Personally, I still love accounts that share little blurry snippets of the day.
  • On the subject of sharing small things, repainted the balcony floor And recently bought some new ones to plant.I also found a very cute one (large size) walmart planter Almost everything is under $25 this year.
  • I also added some A new outdoor discovery for your patio to my Amazon store.
  • i bought this round folding table A few years ago we used it as a small eating space in our backyard, but now we enjoy it as a larger end table. (Available in several colors.)
  • Another random Amazon find that may be heavily covered in the aforementioned table: These block printed tablecloths.
  • New podcasts I’ve been listening to lately (for me): book gang and smarter than me
  • Three great books I just finished reading (I’ll be reviewing them soon): pineapple street, the earth is a perfect place for love and I have a few questions.
  • I think it is. I know my online time is often sporadic, but thank you for checking in, clicking links, and supporting me nonetheless. Once things settle down, I hope to get back to a more regular posting schedule. to be decided.

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