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Life, Lately: A Downtown Toronto Adventure

by Contributing Author

I’m not going to lie.Life has been completely crazy lately and I’m on a whole new level of exhaustion right now but secretly here all of it.

First and foremost, we love our temporary living environment. I’m sure most of it is just a novelty, but we thoroughly enjoyed this downtown Toronto experience.At home in my heart, I didn’t expect it all to fit outside my normal ‘routine’ and environment. rice field so was fun. Ivy herself appears to be City Her Girl, too.our girl just prosperous It’s a lot of fun to experience it now. We enjoyed parks, brunch, coffee shopping, restaurant hopping, smoothie picking, squirrel chasing, swimming, pumpkin patching, cuddling babies…it was awesome. For a while now I’ve been trying to convince Justin that maybe we should sell the house and try out a downtown Toronto adventure for a few years. We’re starting to miss our home and quiet pace of life) but we’ll see where this adventure takes us.

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Additionally, we recently welcomed a new little squishy into our lives. In addition, a nomadic sister is visiting here on this occasion. I am so grateful for this particular season. I would like to share some snapshots to help commemorate it all <3

working toddler

{Ivy meets a new cousin}

{Chudley Farm}

Manita Toronto

{branch Manita}

coffee with goldendoodle

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