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Last-Minute Holiday Gifts 2022!

by Contributing Author

Over the weekend, I went through my gift lists for girls, family, friends, neighbors… (the list goes on and on) and made a new list of everything I still need to get! Shipping may take longer in the latter half of the game, but we found a lot of items that could be in time for Christmas. This obviously varies by location, so double check before checking out and enjoy your shopping!

Last Minute Gifts Under $50

It may not look like much, but this magnetic board is addictive and fun! I keep it in the bag I take to church, so when the girls get bored and annoyed, I take it out!

Each year during the holiday break, I write Christmas stories in this beautiful keepsake book. It’s so nice to have our memories recorded year after year! Years ago I gave many of these to family and friends and I think they would make perfect gifts!

This dancing little cactus is completely viral on TikTok and you can see why! It repeats after you, wiggles and makes your baby, toddler or child happy!

Have you ever seen a cute building block set? I ordered this for Polly because I know she can sit on it for hours!

The perfect gift for your parents or in-laws. I like the gooseneck design and pretty copper color.

We all know kids (or adults) who are obsessed with all things stars and galaxies. This is the perfect gift for them.

A few years ago I gave Chris, my father and stepfather a similar black massager. This design is even more beautiful, more premium and still highly rated. Now i want to get this!

Several of our team members have this charging station and absolutely rave about it! You may just need to get one for yourself this year.

The game we all know and love, but here’s a cleaner, family-friendly version! There are few things I love more than family games and puzzles, but this is the funnest game ever!

The cutest carry-on bag with a separate compartment for shoes! Get this bag for your partner, girlfriend or mom. very cute.

Last Minute Gifts Over $50

It doesn’t feel like Christmas without a train going around the Christmas tree. I have something very similar to this, but so magical and nostalgic!

This would be the perfect gift for the person in your life (aka my dad) who always seems to have a headache. I ordered it for him and I can’t wait to see him try it!

This is what they want, but they probably can’t ask for – the Manscaped Kit! It comes with everything you need. Opiumshaving, trimming and grooming needs!

For the person in your life who has a million and one photo on their phone! You can print to your Instax Mini with your smartphone’s printer, just like a real film print!

If you haven’t heard of the Solo Stove yet, let us surprise you. This patented design gives you a smoke free fire pit experience and it doesn’t get much better than that. Someone on our team has one and they said it puts out a lot more heat than a traditional fire pit.

Present for my mother-in-law this year! I can’t think of a better gift for puzzle lovers around the world.

Electric scooters are all the rage! The battery is rechargeable and allows up to 40 minutes of continuous motor use. Reviews are ridiculously positive and I can see kids riding these around my neighborhood for hours.

Faye loves cool alarm clocks, so I’m giving you this one! Alarm clocks, sound machines, reading lights and more! My favorite feature is the gradual sunset and sunrise to help you fall asleep and wake up.

This is top of my Christmas list! There are 7 different lighting options, each with a different purpose. I can’t wait to try the red light which boosts blood flow and collagen regeneration.

Polly is going crazy over this audio player’s clock. It comes with a little content her card that your child can insert to play the audio and show her pixel animations to bring the audio to life. There is a story, there are activities, there is music! Plus, it doubles as a watch and sleep training machine.

Be sure to check out our gift guides for the rest of 2022 and have a great holiday season.

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