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Kitchen Organization That’s Working (And Not Working)

by Contributing Author

It’s been a year since professional hosts came and worked their magic in our home. I remember getting emotional during their exposure because I didn’t understand the gravity of what the impairment was causing until it was lifted. life has evolved and made tweaks here and there.

The organizers have done an amazing job, but I also have to thank Jean Stoffer and her team for building a built-in system into the cabinet. They were so thoughtful and purposeful in making this kitchen work for us and our lifestyle! Let’s get into it.

1. Upper glass cabinet

First on the list are these upper glass cabinets on either side of the range hood. This works in that it has all the space it needs (and more), but it doesn’t create the right place for each set. We want to find a sweet spot that gives every set a home that looks great from the outside. Chris is tall enough to reach the second shelf from the top, but I borrowed a chair from the dining room every time I needed height.

To solve this problem, I searched and found the perfect solution (sneak peek here).

2. Range nook shelf

task lamp | | honeypot | | salt shaker | | candlestick | | Kitchen sauce

These built-in range nook shelves are the keystone to everything Chris cooks. am!

3. Lid drawer for pots and pans

I could never have imagined how much my life would change if I had a drawer (in a drawer) for all my pots and pans lids. Pots and pans can be stored in the main drawer and the drawers stacked above the lid can be pulled out. That’s what I mean by “Jean Stoffer and her team are real geniuses.”

4. Knife drawer

Another of our favorite drawers is this knife drawer. Chris is a knife enthusiast. He’s a collector and a fanatic. He’s crazy about knives! In the past kitchens have had magnetic strips for hanging knives (which is a great solution), but I prefer this beautiful drawer over that.10 out of 10 recommended.

5. Spice drawer

spice jar | | label

This spice drawer was made for us by our host! these cute jars When Labeled the mall. It’s so nice to open it up and see everything clearly instead of reaching into the cupboard to look for cumin.

6. Beverage station cupboard

bottle holder | | clear bin

Above the drink station are all your protein powders, supplements, shaker bottles, stanley cupetc. It’s been working great, but I’m happy to have a little more reach with the help of this product I just purchased.of bottle holder Previously sold out Restock! Couldn’t recommend it enough.

7. Fridge bin

When our refrigerator finally arrived, we were keen to organize all our food and create a designated place for everything. , some things need to be adjusted a bit. For example, belly binOne thing I’ve noticed in general since moving to North Carolina is that produce spoils faster than it does in Idaho. But berries go bad quickly, so we need some tips to keep them fresh longer!

Lore, our favorite part about refrigerators is egg trayBeing able to clearly see the number of eggs at a given point in time is very convenient and allows you to grab them quickly without taking out the entire carton.It’s the little things that make a big difference!

refrigerator organizer

Organize a non-functioning kitchen

I wish I had taken a picture of what this cloth and napkin drawer looks like now (which was fresh after the professional organizers came), because it’s almost unrecognizable. I think I could actually benefit from clearing out the contents of this drawer.

If you saw my Instagram story last night, you know that the last and biggest dysfunctional space in the kitchen is… the junk drawer. are we surprised? No, are you looking for a solution? Yes!

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