most of you are mine time and space The newsletter came to me through Feng and my services as a consultant, author, or teacher. This is what I do for a living and have been since 1992. Never mind that as a kid he wanted to be a disc jockey and as a teenager he wanted to be a songwriter.

Some feng shui consultants practice one of two forms of Chinese astrology. Ba Zi or Zi Wei Dou ShuThese two systems have concepts that can also be applied to Feng Shui. For example, people born in the year of the ox are opposed to people born in the year of the sheep. There may be tensions and karma to work through. The Chinese zodiac sign is not only related to timing such as the year, month, day and time of birth, but also to the direction. Ox is related to NNE and Sheep is related to SSW. Concerning feng shui, a cow person may feel exhausted from sleeping in the direction of the sheep.

This is one of the many examples I have learned directly from Chinese astrology that I share with my clients, although I am not actually a Chinese astrologer. another feng shui remedy, Peach Blossom Romance Remedy It is directly related to the Chinese zodiac, not the Feng Shui hexagram. I have adopted Chinese astrology techniques that can be applied to the human environment.

What keeps me drawn and immersed is nine starsThe system uses the familiar nine stars of Feng Shui, but they have a completely unique use for you. To understand Kyusei-ki, you have to do it as a separate study that I have been doing since 2012 on him. Many of my Feng Shui clients are also regulars for Nine Star Qi updates because the two predictive arts can complement each other.

Another service I offer, which I have hardly talked about so far. Cemetery.This is a feng shui branch called Yin HouseThe Yin House contrasts with the Yang House, a type of feng shui that most people have heard in relation to their home or business. I have advised people, both locally and remotely, on potential cemetery plans.

Why would anyone want a cemetery rated? Now, according to this tradition, the location of a cemetery and its good or bad feng shui can affect up to three generations of descendants. I learned most of the Yin House skills from my master shortly after my mother passed away in 2001.

Another little side job of mine is making and charging amulets. We rarely advertise doing these things as the preparation and timing can be overwhelming if demand is high. The Chinese style amulet I make is called FukuThese pieces of paper have hand-drawn symbols that speak directly to the goals and intentions of the person I’m making, such as blessings of protection or good health or career success. I create them and choose the best days or nights to charge them including prayer, chanting and meditation. can be

Amulets have appeared in various forms throughout history and different cultures. Amulets can be made from paper, cloth, or any material.Special amulets and gems are also chargeable. I like to describe Feng Shui as a natural science of the earth, but Fu Talismans is pure magic. nice kind. That’s the only kind of magic I’m involved with.

Author: Carter Diamond

Company: Feng Shui Solutions ®

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