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Is There a Minimum Size for a Bedroom? Here's What Experts Say.

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In the past when searching for apartments and houses, I’ve seen some odd spaces in listings called “bedrooms.” One of them, no kidding, was a full-on living room. Another room was just a walk-in closet and barely fit a futon. I’ve also heard some supposed rules about what makes a bedroom really a bedroom. People say they need a closet, they need a door that can be closed and locked, they need a window… one or all of these are mentioned in some combination, and that there’s real authority behind it Never.

So I have tried to answer at least part of this question. What is the minimum bedroom size? teeth Is there a minimum bedroom size? Here’s what a real estate expert had to say.

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Is there a minimum bedroom size?

According to international residency law, the answer is yes. 70 square feet Total – or 6.5 meters square.

That said, some states may impose greater requirements.For example, in New York, brokers Ellen Sykes Coldwell Banker Warburg states that bedrooms must be 80 square feet with ceilings at least 8 feet high. Sykes also notes that the ceiling height he can lower to seven feet, but at least her three-quarters of the ceiling must be above that height.

New York has some other requirements. [listed above], and windows and doors,” says Sykes. “Contrary to what many realtors will tell you, you don’t have to have a closet. must be accessible from ”

So, when I was looking for a house, the real estate agent said, “You need a window in the bedroom.” According to international residency law, if there are no windows it is not a bedroom.

“Many people use windowless rooms as bedrooms, especially those who like to sleep in a completely dark room at night,” says an agent at Caldwell Banker Warburg. Stephen Gottlieb“But in our practice, the room should have a window labeled ‘Bedroom’. If a building is used for non-residential purposes and then converted to housing, there may be sizable interior rooms (without windows) that are used as bedrooms, but these rooms are labeled “Bedrooms” on the floor plan. Attaching may be frowned upon. marketing purposes. ”

A 70-square-foot bedroom looks like this.

Want to know what the minimum bedroom size looks like? These floor plans give you an idea of ​​the room size and what will fit.

Be aware that some unscrupulous agents and landlords will list spaces as having extra bedrooms, based on legal size and requirements, when in fact they don’t. It’s important to tour the home before (in person or virtually). If you didn’t know that when you bought it, you might be in for an unpleasant surprise because a two-bedroom apartment is so different than a one-bedroom apartment,” says Sykes. “I might lose my money.”

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