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Is therapy right for you?

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What I Learned in 6 Months of Psychotherapy

6 months ago was spent! I had been running the E for a while, but it had finally gotten to the point where I was really thinking about getting away from it all. Without more help, I knew my decision-making would only get worse. So I decided to go back to intensive psychotherapy for the first time in years.

My ego, as a public figure advocating for mental health, was convinced that I could be seen as a hypocrite, which made it a more difficult pill to swallow. But the only really hypocritical thing was my refusal and stubbornness to do exactly what I was recommending to others: seeking (and implying) professional help. So I did. And here’s a 5 checklist of things I’ve learned.

(If you are in a pinch or someone you know is in a pinch, this may encourage you to begin your journey with therapy or reach out to a trusted friend for emotional support.) I hope it helps you feel comfortable reaching out, and sharing this makes it easier to take the first step.

  1. We all experience trauma.: During one of our first sessions, when she asked me, what stuck in my mind was, “What was the thing you most needed as a child but never got? ?” Suddenly she helped me access certain memories. The memory felt as real that day as it did the first time it happened to me. Over the sessions that followed, it became clear that I was running away from a younger self I had “left behind” to avoid dealing with unresolved trauma. She encouraged me to sit with my younger self and connect with him. You’ll find that it helps you uncover the roots.Training can’t overcome trauma, just like you can’t overcome a bad diet.
  2. have to accept reality: This is easier said than done! In order to stop avoiding reality and deal with the present, I first had to mourn the loss of the expectations I had set for my life. I got to work on the part of reality that has given me emotional weight…it can be hard and stinky. It stinks, but I’m fine with that. By acknowledging your emotional baggage, you can stop avoiding reality and learn to accept those emotions without defining or dictating your present.
  3. You (and Your Feelings) Are Worth It: The turning point came when my therapist asked me, “What makes you happy?” The question also helped me hear myself, so I felt heard. It can be a difficult question to answer. Still, let’s say you can dig deeper and answer that question. In that case, you can take the first step towards accepting your emotions and yourself. It is the genuine authentic self that deserves to hold space and solve problems without seeking outside validation or building your own worth based on the expectations of others.
  4. I need to be happy with my identity: Understanding my past trauma has helped me know how to approach many personal and business relationships and what they mean to me. Am I free to be myself to this person or business? Am I subconsciously seeking acceptance? So I ask you this: Think about the relationships that make you feel compelled to be who you think you should be, and the relationships that build you up and celebrate you as who you are. please.
  5. perspective is everything: And this is my final point. It sounds obvious, but the impact cannot be underestimated. Treatment changes perspective. It’s like getting a new pair of reading glasses. The world becomes clearer. As you deal with past trauma, your relationships and the way you navigate the world will change significantly. As your understanding and perspective of the world shifts (and that’s a good thing), so do your values, helping you embrace reality like never before. Release the emotional baggage that has affected your previous experiences and dramatically change the way you navigate the world.

These are the 5 takeaways from my 6 month psychotherapy journey. We hope that after watching this video, you will discover how therapy can help you. To keep the conversation going, I sat down with Jessie (who has never been to therapy himself) to clear up more questions people may have and address the stigma around seeking professional help. are further removed.

Check it out here and let us know what you think.

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