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Instant Home Upgrade: Swap Out Your Switch Plates

by Contributing Author

It’s been over a month since I shared an update on my research. I may have mentioned the need for a paint fix. So even though it was in use, we anxiously waited for everything to finally be “done, done.” Well, the good news is that it’s being fixed as we speak, so hopefully this concludes this painting journey. Another good news is that he spent 5 minutes replacing the white plastic switch plate with brass. Talk about instant upgrades.

picture light | brass puller | Dimmer & switch plate

A plastic switch is totally utilitarian and functional, but I love the charm of an old-fashioned brass plate with a toggle switch.i found this source Buster & Punch We sell beautiful hardware that is perfect for everyday use.and that’s where i got this customized beautywith one toggle switch and one knob, both very easy to use.

Skill level wise, replacing outlets and switch plates is entry level. I had an electrician replace it, but he said it was no different than replacing it with a normal one. It doesn’t require much expertise, tools, or time, but a basic understanding of electricity is required.

Ultimately I’d like to be able to upgrade every switchplate in my house, but for budget reasons I’m doing it one room at a time (This kit costs $217). We also want to make sure that we like this particular kit enough to put it anywhere, and so far so good.

On the other end of the budget, my choices when designing the kitchen were: This affordable 10 outlet pack and plate coverIn my opinion this is better than white plastic. While still plastic, the brass look is a definite upgrade from the traditional builder-grade look.

buy range corner

If you need to extend your budget but still want to improve the finish of your home, I would definitely recommend choosing something like this.

buy a kitchen

While looking for brass switch plates for my research, I came across so many great options that I thought it was worth sharing. Where can I buy something like this? There are so many great products at every price point that I’ve put them together.

shop outlets and switches

1. Switching metal wall plates $6
2. double wall plate $7
3. rocker metal wall plate $7
Four. beaded double toggle switch plate $ 10
Five. Solid wood brass toggle switch plate $13
6. retro brass toggle dimmer switch $15
7. Lewis Single Push Button Switch Plate $16
8. ENERLITES Elite Series Gold Wall Plate $18
9. Lewis Single Duplex Switch Plate $20
Ten. wiggle switch plate $22-28 (various sizes)
11. retro brass toggle switch socket $22
12. old wooden wall plate $29
13. Lewis Triple Push Button Switch Plate $32
14. brass light toggle switch plate $55
15. ENERLITES Elite Series Outlets $47 (10 pack)
16. ENERLITES Elite Series Outlet Covers $59 (10 pack)

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