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I’m a Shopping Editor and This Is the Gift I Want to Give Everyone This Year (Even My Technologically Challenged Family)

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While firmly millennials, they can still lag behind in technology. For example, the thought of changing ink in a printer gives me hives. This is the only reason I never owned a printer or photo printer until very recently. too scary. I’m also terrible at forgetting to order photos online, so when HP offered to test a portable instant photo printer, I said yes.

I still left it in the box for about a week, but I doubt if I can set it up. Luckily in the app store he just downloaded the HP Sprocket app and was presented with very clear instructions. There was no associated hefty explanatory pamphlet. I instantly connected to the printer via Bluetooth and made a test print, and everything went seamlessly. I was able to access my camera roll from the app and easily select what I wanted to print. I didn’t need a boyfriend (although he took the printer and marveled at how light it was). Within 10 minutes he printed 4 2″ x 3″ photos that he wanted printed for the YEARS frame. And I haven’t told you the best part yet – it doesn’t require ink. what world do we live in

I honestly had a hard time setting up my AirPods and Kindle. For the above reasons, I would like to give this to my family and friends this year. It’s fast, easy, painless, and prints full-color photos without a headache. Sure, you might need to help set up your photo girlfriend’s printer for your elderly grandma, but it’s unlikely that she doesn’t know how to print something once she’s connected to the app. This is probably the smartest technology I’ve come across. For example, if you run out of paper (Sprocket comes with 10 sheets of her photo paper), you can order it directly on the app. You will never be asked how to search on Amazon. However, she can order 100 sheets of photo paper for her on Amazon for less than $45 if she wants.

A printer is a great gift for people of all ages. It’s so small that HP advertises that it fits in your back pocket. It doesn’t fit in my jeans pocket, but it fits in my sweatpants pocket and small purse. It weighs very little. As someone who shares a one-bedroom apartment with another person, I can attest that a Sprocket takes up less space than a book. The printer also prints 35 photos of her, so you can take her to a friend’s housewarming or vacation.

And if your gift recipient is a creative type, Sprocket has a setting for collages. You can also turn photos into stickers if your recipient purchases sticker paper (this is a great feature for scrapbookers).

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