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IKEA’s Latest Collection Is All About This Wardrobe Staple

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Denim is one of the few things that never goes out of style. And IKEA’s latest collection incorporates wardrobe staples into home décor in a chic, minimalist and sustainable way.

Called MÄVINN, the 20-piece collection includes baskets, rugs, lampshades, aprons, bags, cushion covers, wall organizers and more, all handmade by local artisans employed by the Swedish retailer’s social business partners. It has been.

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“MÄVINN serves two purposes,” IKEA designer Pauline Machado tells Apartment Therapy. “We don’t just offer beautiful handcrafted items. All our products are made in partnership with social businesses that provide employment opportunities to vulnerable people. We use locally sourced, durable and durable natural materials such as denim.By using banana fiber, a by-product from banana farmers, and recycled denim, we eliminate materials that would otherwise go to waste. We are making good use of it.”

“With this collection, we partner with social businesses that empower people with disabilities, disadvantaged youth, tribal communities and rural women by creating employment opportunities,” Machado continues. “I have had the opportunity to meet women who have never worked outside their home before. It’s amazing to see what’s going on.”

“Denim is a timeless classic that never goes out of style,” IKEA designer Maria Vinca tells AT. “It is a material that is widely used because it is strong and durable. It gives a nice atmosphere and is suitable for a variety of interior design styles.”

“At MÄVINN, we have used different shades of denim to create a beautiful contrast with all natural materials. If you want to incorporate classic materials into your home décor that stand the test of time, it’s worth considering.”

If you are a family historian, we have a special product for you. The collection also includes a family tree poster made using the paper-making tradition of northern Thailand using the bark of the mulberry tree.

“Handmade paper is a durable material that will last for generations and I use it for one of my favorite products, my family tree poster,” says Vinca. “Posters feature a blank family tree that can be filled in with family names so you can add personal meaning. I invite people to own it, and I think it’s a beautiful and meaningful addition to any home.”

MÄVINN will be available in stores and on the IKEA website in June 2023.

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