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I Used Soda Crystals to Remove Moss and Algae on My Patio

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I recently moved into a house with a garden for the first time. That means you have a small patio in the back. We are looking forward to moving the patio furniture outside this summer and enjoying al fresco dining. But the new patio needed a little work before it was ready.

When we moved, my father-in-law was kind enough to remove all the weeds, but the actual patio flagstones were still covered in moss and algae. After a little research on the Internet, I discovered that you can use soda crystals to clean your patio. Soda crystals are already in your pantry and are much cheaper than patio cleaning solutions.

Also, soda crystals are more environmentally friendly than strong detergents and are harmless to humans. This is very important for someone like me with a baby just starting to learn to crawl. However, if you have pets, we recommend keeping them indoors while using soda crystals to clean your patio, as they can be toxic to animals.

Soda crystals (also called washing soda, sodium carbonate, or soda ash) are similar to baking soda, but with a higher pH. If you don’t have one at home yet, you should. Cheap and versatile.

Soda crystals aren’t just for cleaning your patio, they can also be used to clean laundry and towels, unclog drains, and make an all-purpose spray. Another benefit of using soda crystals to clean your patio is that it can also kill weeds growing between the paving stones.

So I decided to try cleaning my patio using soda crystals. It actually worked surprisingly well. First he tested the method on a single stone slab. He intends to use the crystals to clean the entire patio.

How to use soda crystals to clean your patio

I will show you step by step how to clean your patio using soda crystals. That way, you’ll be clean this summer.

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