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I Tested All the Bed Risers — And These Are the 5 I Love for Stylish Extra Storage

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Don’t think that bed risers are only for dorm room residents, think again. The best bed risers can double, or even triple, the storage under the bed by increasing the free space under the mattress, and in some cases, completely transforming the function of a bedroom. can.

And as we all know, the more storage opportunities you have in your bedroom, the better. If you are like me, you have a comfortable sleeping space with plenty of stuff. thing Everything from your seasonal wardrobe to your spouse’s vast sneaker collection needs management. Yet I want to maintain an orderly and quiet atmosphere that promotes rest and relaxation. Needless to say, striking that balance is not easy. That’s why I’m always on the hunt for the best bedroom organization. And, let me tell you, this (surprisingly stylish) bed riser does just that.

Here are the best bed risers to take your furniture (and space) to new heights. We vigorously tested these options to determine which one would be a stylish solution. that’s all Not just in your bedroom, but anywhere in the house. From the tech-friendly options that let you add more plugs for your gear, to the beautiful design that you hardly notice, these bed risers are all winners in my eyes.

What to consider when buying a bed riser

There are also universal necessities when buying bed risers, such as the ability to actually support the bed. However, there are many factors to consider depending on your bedroom needs and furniture design. When shopping for the best bed riser for your space, we recommend considering the following factors:

Bed risers come in varying heights, so you should buy with a rough idea of ​​how much lift you’ll need. If you’re heading to college and want to stack drawers under your bed for storage, choose taller risers. If you need a little more space to store your out-of-season sweaters, the lower height is a good choice. Please do a size test to make sure before purchasing. Support the furniture with books to disguise the height of the bed riser you are considering.

It probably goes without saying, but the bed riser you choose should be safe for you to sleep on. When it comes to stability, look for bed risers with durable designs and wide bases that prevent tipping and rocking. Most of the designs are square for this exact reason, but I’ve also found some circular designs that are just as durable.

Some manufacturers list the total load capacity, while others classify the load capacity by individual riser. For example, if the load capacity per riser is 300 lbs, four risers have a load capacity of 1200 lbs. That sounds like a lot, but when you factor in the weight of a human or two, pets, bed frames, box springs, and mattresses, that number can quickly add up.

When shopping, make sure the bed riser matches the leg of the bed frame. If they do not match, they may not be usable. All bed risers have integral tops that securely hold the legs of your bed, dresser, table or chair. Some bed risers have versatile cutouts suitable for square legs, round legs, caster wheels, etc. Other options correspond to he only one of these options.

If you care about aesthetics, know that you may struggle with this utilitarian item. When shopping for bed risers, you’ll find everything from time-tested plastic designs to wood styles with a mid-century modern feel to make your bed look stylish. There are stylish bed risers out there (yes, we found some!), but for those who are strictly decorative, the options are definitely less.

How we tested bed risers

I put all of my bed risers through a series of tests to see how they fell into several categories, including: stable, durability, and design. This is the process I went through for each set.

When it comes to bed riser sets that combine form and function, nothing beats the Honey-Can-Do wooden bed lift. Crafted from solid wood and boasting a flexible cutout at the top, this design has risen to the top (Well) of the test batch, thanks to its durability and Goldilocks height.Not too low, but not high enough that I felt like I had to jump on the bed (but if you bottom If you need extra height, you can nest them vertically without issue). The sleek wood design was visually unobtrusive and blended easily with the bed frame stained in the same shade.

who is best for: The design-conscious homeowner or anyone looking to enhance their bed just a little bit.

good to know: The legs of the wooden bed frame may slip slightly when placed in these risers. Before using this product, it is helpful to purchase rubber feet to be attached to the base of the leg.

This set of Utopia bed risers earned my high marks not only for their affordability, but also for their flexible nature of height adjustment. For less than $20, you get 8 bed risers (4 small and 4 large) that raise the bed to 3 different heights. Use the S alone for a modest 3 inches of height, the L to raise your bed 5 inches, or combine the two to add a whopping 8 inches of height. The tough plastic design boasts a slightly conical shape with a slightly larger base for added stability. It also fits on furniture legs of all shapes, making it an ideal choice if you have a fancy bed frame or want to elevate another piece of furniture. My husband and I used these to flatten and transform a standard worktop into a standing desk in less than 5 minutes for her.

who is best for: Homeowners looking for flexible heights. Those who are buying budget-friendly options.

good to know: The brand recommends that furniture legs used with this product have a thickness of 2.75 inches or less to ensure the best fit and safest use.

Lofting a bed with risers is basically a college rite of passage. After all, dorm rooms are notoriously short on storage space. These durable polypropylene risers from The Container Store loft the bed frame her 5.5 inches. This turned out to be enough space for him to store two drawers on top of each other. BONUS: His one of the risers is equipped with his two power outlets and his two USB ports (a dorm favourite) for late-night study sessions.

who is best for: Tech enthusiasts, college students, or anyone who occasionally uses a laptop in bed.

good to know: Only 1 of the 4 bed risers has outlets and ports. Plus, the cord to a single power-enabled riser is only 6.5 inches long, so you’ll likely need to use it near a wall outlet or pair it with a power strip.

At first glance, these wooden bed risers look like geometric stacked sculptures. But don’t let its sleek mid-century modern aesthetic fool you. Very sturdy in fact, he boasts the ability to make furniture 1, 2, or 3 inches taller. This set scored big points in my testing due to its sleek design appeal. In fact, they were almost like extensions of furniture. Each set comes with his 8 risers and 8 large and small connectors, giving you various ways to nest them all to achieve your desired height and look.

who is best for: Shoppers looking for discreet and aesthetically pleasing risers, or those who want to gradually increase the height of their furniture.

good to know: These bed risers come in 5 different wood stains to give you the most design flexibility on my list.

Whether you want your bed to be raised, your sewing table to be raised, or your couch to lift and a robot vacuum to slide under, these bed risers do the job without drawing too much attention to themselves. Done. Made from durable (yet discreet) clear plastic, the Slipstick Clear Stack is designed for most use. Any Furniture from bed frames and nightstands to wire garden chairs and coffee tables. In my testing, this design worked best with caster wheels, and was the only design that included a protective rubber ring in the base to protect against scratches and etching. Up to three risers can also be stacked together, increasing furniture height in 1-inch increments.

who is best for: Homeowners who want the flexibility to use risers around the house and on a variety of furnishings.

good to know: These bed risers are not recommended for use on pile carpet as they may be unstable.

They didn’t get the highest honors on my list, but I think these bed risers are a reliable, worthy investment if you need a little more options.

All questions and answers about bed risers

Yes there are some considerations. Bed risers are safe as long as the bed frame is sturdy and the risers fit snugly against the furniture legs. Do not force or push furniture legs into the risers. If you feel the bed riser rock, wobble, or tilt while in use, remove the bed riser immediately.

When using bed risers, make sure the risers are evenly distributed across all four bed posts (e.g. head not higher than feet). Use only according to the manufacturer’s instructions and always observe the load capacity.

What is the maximum weight that the bed riser can support?

Bed risers may have different weight limits, so it is important to refer to the manufacturer’s instructions prior to installation and use. All sets included here can hold at least 1,000 lbs, with some even higher.

While many bed risers are designed for function first and foremost, there are some options on the market that bring aesthetic appeal. If you’re having trouble choosing a bed riser that looks great, buy a style that’s as close as possible to the color and material of your current bed frame. Alternatively, you can buy extra long bed skirts to hide your bed risers and anything else you want to hide underneath.

What is the optimal bed height?

As with many design challenges, the answer depends on personal preference. Most standard beds are about 25 inches high, but that number varies greatly depending on things like bed frame style and mattress thickness. If you want to raise your frame with bed risers, the ideal height depends on what you want to store underneath.

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