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I See Skies of Blue

by Contributing Author

Well, if I had to pick just one color for my home (it’s hard), it would be blue. Blue has a proven track record for me, and I’ve yet to meet a blue that I didn’t like, so I’m really looking forward to participating in today’s lesson. Remember, last week we talked about the colors red, orange, yellow, and green.

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This lesson is part of the Color School series. If you want more confidence in your color decisions, be sure to check out our past lessons.

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What you need to know about the color blue


Like green, blue occurs in nature and is usually associated with oceans, lakes, rivers, and the sky. No wonder we think of blue as a calming, calming color. Other emotions it can evoke are trust and authority. On the other hand, it can be associated with sadness and melancholy, so be careful how you use it, just like any other color.

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This peek-a-boo blue moment in the pantry is one of my favorites. And apparently, on a psychological level, blue is known to suppress appetite. I don’t know if this has prevented me from picking up snacks from the pantry casually, but who knows.

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Blue’s complementary color is orange, so blue usually goes well with warmer woods and metals. That’s what made Faye’s room feel so dynamic.

Here are some other examples of creators using blue that I’m currently obsessed with.

blue trim

image source

Color is increasingly being used in trim and doors. A great way to step into a world of color while using neutral colors on your walls. This is especially great for those with an open floor plan. The paint color is Farrow & Ball Oval Room Blue.

blue & orange

image source

If you have orange wood in your home and don’t know what to do with it, bring in blue. I am completely enamored with the plaid tile floors, patterned wallpaper, contrasting green trim, orange-tinted wood cabinets, and checkered towels. From my point of view this is an absolute yes.

Blue gray

image source

don’t forget! Neutrals like grays, beiges, and creams all have undertones. Gray is rarely used as a true black-to-white scale, but instead contains many colored pigments. If you’ve ever bought gray paint and painted it on a wall and it looks blue or purple, you know this. Note: Blue or purple gray is fine if you prefer. This dark, moody blue-gray really transforms this butler’s pantry. I also liked the contrasting blue backsplash.

enjoy the blue

image source

As with any color, there’s no right or wrong way to incorporate it into your home. The best way is to identify your own personal style and find ways to use color in a harmonious way.

And of course, if you’re looking to add some blue to your life, here are some blue things to get you started.

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3. Antique Navy Ski II $700
Four. Electra table lamp $173
Five. Cove Woven Leather Ottoman $398
6. fake blue hydrangea arrangement $349
7. olcott entry cabinet $2,639
8. Odette melamine dinner plate (Set of 4) $38
9. fenna bed $2,298
Ten. Florence Court Charcoal Wallpaper $202 (per roll)
11. CLJ x Loloi Polly ivory/denim rug $488
12. washwood nightstand $498

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