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I Customized My Sofa for the First Time and It Turned Out to Be the Cozy Touch My Living Room Needed (And It’s on Sale!)

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As modern humans, my family and I have been ordering furniture online for several years and have certainly come across our fair share of successes. I take my time finding the perfect piece for the room I’m looking for furniture, but I had absolutely no motivation for a custom order. Keep narrowing it down. I honestly didn’t think I’d have the patience to sort through upholstery swatches and furniture styles. I was just trying to save my energy and choose my battles wisely But when “rebellious luxury” furniture brand Benchmade Modern gave me the chance to test their custom ordering process from swatches to sofas, it felt the pressure needed to give customization a real chance. After scrolling through many of their sofa products, my top choice was the popular OG Couch Potato Sofa, and the ball rolled quickly from there.

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Benchmade Modern tries to defy the standards of fine furniture by completing a product in much less time than other manufacturers, which typically take three months or more. They can do it in just 3 weeks, excluding shipping and delivery time.Choosing the OG Couch Potato Sofa was easy. From there I had to choose upholstery from the free Swatch Kit Benchmade Modern they sent me when they heard I was interested in their furniture. With all the leather options included, I expected it to take much longer than trimming my picks, but after weeding out the ones that didn’t suit me, I was able to get it down to 10. It wasn’t ideally styled or pet-friendly. The previous sofa had a braided design that dog hair easily got caught in the fibers, which I really wanted to avoid. What really helped me with the Benchmade Modern swatches was that each had a sticker on the back that informed the style name, material type, number of rubs, finish and cleaning code.

For me, the number of rubs was the most important factor. The higher the number, the more durable it is, meaning it’s more suitable for homes with two dogs. Dogs aren’t allowed on couches (they shed too much), but it’s almost inevitable that they’ll accidentally rub against the couch and fly off. I ended up using Glee Dreamer, a 100% polyester fabric in dark teal with a rub count of 100,000. The swatch kit included a number of options in polyester plus premium velvet, leather, polyester and cotton blends, nylon, viscose (bamboo) and more. The swatches were separated not only by type, but also by color and neutrals, so I was able to easily rule out certain materials, shades, and weaves before examining details like rub counts and finishes, so the selection process was much easier. has been simplified.

The next step was to receive the full size. freedom— Print out the furniture of your choice to fit in your space. Whether you have a small or large room, Benchmade Modern offers a choice of sofa lengths so you can adjust the size to suit your home. For example, the OG Couch Potato is a minimum of 65 inches and 100 inches wide. I knew I wanted it longer, but I really had to be careful with the space I had to use. My previous sofa was 93 inches, so raising the sofa to 95 inches is such a big leap It wasn’t, but it was safer than regretting it. The print was delivered rolled up in a tube, so all I had to do was roll it up to see where it was going. , thanks to its wide silhouette, I could put a paper print on it and see what the new sofa would look like. It wasn’t hard to imagine what it would look like because of the construction, and with only a two-inch difference, I thought it would be a perfect fit.

The OG Couch Potato Sofa arrived in less than a month, including the delivery date, after confirming the fabric and size with the print. If you order a larger sofa (like mine), Benchmade Modern will make sure it can be safely delivered to your home. I live in an apartment, so they gave me the dimensions of the gap I needed to get the sofa through the aisle and door. I measured it just in case, but I wasn’t too worried because I had a lot of work space and believed the local delivery team would handle it with care.

On delivery, when the delivery man complimented my sofa and asked me about the brand after seeing it for myself, I said it tremendously positive sign. Plus, the praise was fully justified: Glee Dreamer’s OG Couch Potato Sofa was a beautiful addition to our living room! , the first preview of what the sofa will look like. When her delivery man returned and was finally able to sit down, she was amazed at the support of the sofa. The wide arms are cushioned on top and sturdy around the frame, so you could immediately tell the sofa was well built, and the fabric looked just like the swatches.

When ordering a custom sofa from Benchmade Modern, you can choose between the following cushion fillings: foam and fiber When bubbles and trilliumThe difference between the two is that one is inherently stiffer than the other. I was told that the recommended (and most popular) option for the OG Couch Potato is the foam and trillium cushion. I’m glad I did because I have just the right amount of give for her seat to sink in lightly and comfortably without worrying about the couch falling apart in a few months. But my favorite part of this sofa is the back cushions. Trillium is a man-made polyester fibre, but its feel is similar to down, so the cushion is marshmallow-soft and squeezable, with plenty of support and comfort. I don’t even mind fluffing them sometimes. I mean, I’m looking forward to it! I’m also happy that I was able to keep my dog’s fur at bay for weeks with just a quick swipe of my hand or pet hair roller. But I have a naughty puppy running wild (he’s still training), so I remove his fur every day.

Ultimately, ordering custom furniture isn’t as much of a headache as I originally thought.Benchmade Modern made the process so simple and enjoyable that I look forward to receiving my sofa every time. . It made me feel more special because I was able to choose the look and feel myself instead of having to settle for what I found on a search engine. Another thing I love is that if you want to get another piece to match or complement your sofa, the brand has a range of customizable pieces including sectionals, accent chairs, ottomans, bed frames, and chaise longues. If you want to skip the customization process altogether, we also offer ready-to-ship furniture in our best-selling sizes and colors. It is there to give your home a chic style. Furniture is expensive, but when you consider how well it’s made, handcrafted in the USA, and tailored specifically to your taste, it’s clear that it costs money to create the right piece of furniture that will last. By the way, I don’t think it’s a bad investment. Especially during the busy holiday season, he spends hours on the couch enjoying his feet up after a long day.

I have good news for you that is Save a few bucks and hit the market for new furniture: Benchmade Modern is currently running a massive end-of-year sale with 15% off their custom furniture collection through December 31st. Order now and get it in 2-4 weeks. you’re welcome!

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