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How to Work with the Mandarin Duck Symbol for Love and Partnership

by Contributing Author

I recently visited family in Los Angeles. I was there around Valentine’s Day and was thinking about a romantic partnership. It’s a lot of fun to pay attention to what’s around you in your space and how what you notice reflects events and situations happening in the outside world.

One of the things I was thinking about at home was mandarin duckMandarin ducks are considered one of the most beautiful species of duck and are often seen in pairs in real life as well as in artwork and Asian motifs. They are symbols of marital happiness and fidelity as well as good luck and joy in Asian culture. It is said that mandarin ducks mate for life and two birds love each other. bird They are so attached to each other that they may die of grief if they are separated. I think this is something we can all understand.We have been through the heartbreak that can happen when you allow yourself to be vulnerable enough to open up to your partner. Whatever it means, the Mandarin Duck symbol makes you think about how you’ve opened up to your partner to be vulnerable.if you want to invite new partnershow can I be more open to it? Is this the right time to open up to my partner?

My parents received 3 sets of mandarin ducks. One from my wedding, and hers one each from her two sisters’ weddings as well. It is traditional for couples to be presented with a pair of wooden mandarin ducks on their wedding day, which represents good luck and marital harmony. At my wedding, I wore a hanbok and bowed in front of my parents, and her husband offered a duck to her parents. This is how my sisters and I used the Mandarin Duck symbol, but it may vary depending on your Asian culture.

If you resonate with the Mandarin Duck, there are many ways you can make use of this symbol. You can also find a pair of mandarin ducks, create or draw your own, and contemplate this symbol of marital harmony, partnership, lifelong connection, and openness to vulnerability. Mandarin ducks can be placed in the kun area of ​​the house. To find Kun in the bedroom, stand with the bedroom door facing inwards and find the far right corner. This will usually be Kun, the area of ​​the Feng Shui Bagua associated with love and partnerships.

In most cultures, including those in Asia, weddings are viewed as highly auspicious and celebratory life events, along with births, deaths, and changes in age. Although it is easy to forget the importance of respecting the positive mindI am honored to have my feng shui mentor Rosalie Prinzivalli officiate my wedding. She also helped me choose an auspicious day for our wedding based on my astrology and her husband’s astrology.

Whether it’s an actual wedding or just a party to celebrate a partnership, this event is the time of your life when you have auspicious energy around you. , it would be so great for you to share it with others. So, if he’s looking for a partner, one thing he can do is surround himself with people who are going to marry him. Someone you’re married to, or someone who represents the type of partnership you want to have.

If you feel that the symbolism of the mandarin duck means something to you, I suggest you take some time to think about it. Hope you had a good time!

Ange Cho

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