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How to Whiten Fabric

by Contributing Author

Well, tonight we have another how-to DIY for you.I recently purchased some chairs online Laylaroo When I received them, they were a slightly different color than I expected. It didn’t quite suit me so I decided to take it into my own hands and try a DIY whitening method. Thought it would be a hint of a cozy white cottage farmhouse…

This was the previous chair:

Not bad, but I wanted a brighter, lighter fabric for my space. After my whitening process:

I was very impressed with how pure white these slipcovers pulled.I was worried throughout the process how yellow they really were. I think it will be!

What I did:

– To see a video of this process, see my the video on instagram [HERE].

-Remember: Every fabric/project is different. Some take longer than others, some don’t work as well as others, some require more steps . Do this at your own risk.However, we always think that you can always dye the fabric if you don’t like the result.

-Step 1: Prepare lit color remover, lit white wash and bleach together. As a side note, this took a few days between my mom and my laundry needs and order because I do laundry between steps. A pot on the stove is also good. I think a pot or sink is the best way to soak longer and have a more even stripping process as it cannot intervene in the washer cycle.

-Step 2: Start with Lit Color Remover. Follow the directions on the color remover box. I filled the sink with hot water from the stove, put some color remover in it and then quickly dropped the slipcover. The color started to leave the slipcover immediately. In addition, it was stirred and flipped occasionally during all steps of the process. This was done by hand flipping and stirring and poking with a spoon. I left the slipcover on for quite some time until I was happy with the color that was removed.

Step 3: After washing, I used the same technique as the lit white wash in the sink. Follow the instructions on the box. This was also a long process and it was really cool to see the yellow tones come out of the white slipcover. When the whitewash had done all it could, I took them out and washed them again.

Step 4: When I took the slipcover out of the laundry, it still had a yellow tint to it, so I decided to soak the slipcover in the sink with bleach. I don’t want to soak it for too long as it can turn a yellow/green hue.

I hung the slipcovers to dry and the drying process made them even whiter. We hope this tutorial helped you fall in love with textile creations in your home all over again! xx

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