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How To Use The Space Under The Stairs Really Effectively

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The space under the stairs can be a really tricky part of your home to figure out what to do with. Let’s take a look at them all to get some inspiration on how to use the space under your stairs in a way that works for you.

One reader recently asked me how best to use the space under the stairs as I was struggling with the angle of my ceiling and would like to maximize the space, preferably using it for a specific purpose. I was asked if I had any ideas about

I want to help where I can! – So here are some great ideas for maximizing the space under your stairs.

I hope you find it inspirational.

Consider the following when determining how best to use the space under the stairs:

A difficult space, but a very useful area that should be used for maximum value. But before deciding what to do with it, it’s worth thinking about it first.

Questions to ask yourself are:

#1 – What are the dimensions of the space?

Look at the height, width, depth, etc. and pay attention to whether there is enough room to stand in the space.

#2 – Do you have specific needs for extra space in your home?

Need an extra bathroom, storage, home office, etc.?

Whatever it is, you may have found the place!

#3 – Are there any utilities available in that space?

Think about the cost of adding toilet plumbing, especially if you don’t have one nearby.

You may need things like electricity and radiators, so see if these can be easily done as well.

Also (this is what we came across when we modified this space in our own home), is there anything that needs to be moved? I had to.

This was a pain, but it was worth it in the end!

Now that you have a good idea of ​​what your space has to offer and potential ideas for how you might use it, take a look at some great inspiration to get started. let’s

7 ideas to make the most of the space under the stairs

Idea #1 – Close the space under the stairs and use individual hinged doors for storage

drawers and cupboards under stairs

This works really well as there are lots of different sized spaces and a choice of hanging and shelving space.

You can add storage for coats, shoes, bags, and most of your cleaning supplies (nice to have). lightweight hoover For example, you can grab it in the hallway to quickly travel to any room in the house).

The only problem is that the back of the cupboard can be difficult to reach. So the next step is the next idea…

Idea 2 – Closed storage, but pull out individual sections

Pull-out shoe storage under stairs
pull out the cupboard mounted under the stairs

This works well when pulling out storage so you don’t have to hurt yourself trying to reach the very back of each space.

In addition, the storage space under the stairs is maximized and the appearance is neat.

Tips – By using discreet handles, when you push the cupboard into place, the storage actually looks like a solid wall, streamlining your space.

Idea #3 – Open Bookshelf/Shelf

open shelf under stairs

If the staircase is in another room other than the hall, we recommend choosing a more open plan feel to maintain a sense of space.

Additionally, this may be a better option for narrower stairs as the depth of the space is naturally less.

Bookshelves work really well as they add a lot of storage to the room and also add a decorative area.

Tips – Built-in units make the most of the space under the stairs.

Idea 4 – Use the stair itself to access the space

bottom drawer of stairs

As in this example, they added a secret drawer to the bottom staircase to use all the space under the stairs.

This is perfect for storing everyday shoes, handbags, etc…

Idea 5 – Home office use

desk space under stairs
desk under stairs

I like this idea because it allows me to create a home office in a house that can’t afford a completely separate area.

It’s a great place to house and handle all your paperwork, a homework area that kids can use and still see, and a place to house computers for work and play.

Tips – If you don’t have the budget for furniture, a simple desk with a wall shelf above works just as well. Small filing cabinets can also be placed in smaller areas to maximize space.

Idea 6 – Kids Space Under Stairs

Hidden kids desk area under stairs

You must know some kids who love spaces like this under stairs.

With the addition of a chalkboard wall, this space can become a shop, home, school, or whatever your child’s imagination takes.

It’s also great for storing storage cubes to keep toys out of the way.

Idea 7 – Toilet under stairs

The space under the stairs is perfect for neatly storing the toilet and washbasin.

A good reason to choose this location is that the stairs are usually in a common area with easy access for guests. It is often located in the hallway, making it ideal if you need to wash your laundry as soon as you walk through the front door. Hands or go to the toilet!

Tips – Make sure the toilet is far enough in the space so that head height under a sloping roof is not an issue when using the toilet.

my own home

And if you’re wondering how I use the space in my home, when we moved into the house that area was a cupboard, but rather unused, so We converted it into a downstairs toilet – and it works perfectly!

Here’s a picture of it – perfect for what we needed and convenient!

storage under stairs
Amazing use of the space under the stairs. There's no wasted space because there's a lot of inspiration. Use it for all sorts of great reasons...

Hopefully at least one of these ideas will be great for your home..

Are you using the space under your stairs for something else?

I’d love to see it, so why not take a quick photo and share it? facebook group...

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