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How to Use Labels to Organize Your Whole House

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Learn the 5 easiest ways to organize your entire home with labels. And find out how to make your own labels too!

IKEA 365 container with adhesive vinyl label

I have something like a label. They’re probably my favorite organizational tool, and I often joke that I use them for anything that’s been sitting around long enough. πŸ™‚

I love labels because they are not only practical and help me find what I need, but they are also cute. Cute + super functional is the perfect combination in my book. Over the years, I’ve noticed that he mainly uses five different labels to organize his home.

Organized pantry with decanted baking items, pasta and spices

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5 ways to organize your home with labels

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1. Use chalkboard labels for temporary labeling

Chalkboard labels are probably the type I use the least often. Just because there are 5 types of mine, they are the most “temporary” ones. It’s perfect for seasonal interiors and party decorations, and I like it because it’s easy to change clothes.

Chalkboard labeled bin next to small bench seat

There’s been some chalkboard “fad” in the last few years, but that’s fine with me because the chalkboard labels are so easy to find.Like These Adhesive Chalkboard Labels Great for jars and bins. These mini chalkboards Easy to hang on items that need labels.

2. Use printed labels to create exactly what you need

I’ve been making my own labels for as long as I can remember. In fact, the first blog post that got a lot of attention was a tutorial on how to create pretty labels in Microsoft Word. (Easier than you think!)

What I love about making my own labels is that the sky is infinite. You can create exactly what you need for your specific project. Color, size, shape, design, I control everything! Also, no special equipment or complicated software is required. This is a plus.

When I make my own labels in Word, I usually print them. white card stockrun them my laminator Cut with scissors to make it a little stronger.

I love the different types of labels she uses to organize her home. Click through to see all the different types and how she uses them.

(The car-shaped labels for the 1-2-3 bins in the boys’ room were made by me, printed on card stock, laminated, and cut out.)

favorite laminator

i used mine scotch thermal laminator For years to add durability to your printed labels!

Sometimes you want to make more sticker type labels.In that case I find the size of stickers you want to use (I like the Avery brand.) Next, matching template on the manufacturer’s website. Then simply design your label within the template’s guide, print it, and you’re good to go.

3. Organize your baskets and bins with bookplate labels

Several rooms in our house use bookplate style labels. It has a sleeker look and you can easily switch it up whenever you need it.i like to use These adhesive bookplates the best. I’ve had them in various bins and baskets around the house over the years and they still hold up well.

The bookplate always comes with an insert that you can easily write on and put inside. I usually measure the insert and make a slip of the same size on my computer so I can type the label in a pretty font. Either way works!

Add labels to create a more sophisticated look book plate For bottles and baskets!

4. Organize your binders and small items with a label maker

I may be obsessed with my label maker.i had This one Simple, straightforward, and easy to use.

Top view of Epson label maker

I usually use a label maker to mark tabs in my home or budget binders. I often use washi tape on the tab to clean it up a bit before using it. clear tape Print the labels with a label maker.

Top view of labeled life planner binders next to office supplies

These types of labels are also great for labeling narrow shelves or small items that don’t have room for larger labels like the one above. However, once you have a label maker, you will want to label it. all inside your house! ! πŸ˜‰

5. Use Cricut + Adhesive Vinyl Labels to keep everything organized.

These are my most favorite type of labels and I use them all the time. The only drawback is that you need a cutting machine. Cricut Explore Also cricut joycan be expensive.

But for me Cricut is worth every penny because it allows me to create beautiful personalized labels and many other projects.

create a label with adhesive vinyl, and come in a variety of colors. If you’re not familiar with the transfer process, learn how to make self-adhesive vinyl labels here.

If you mainly use a cutting machine to create labels, cricut joy A perfect choice. Small and compact, very simple and easy to use, and cheaper than larger cutting machines.

Can I say I love labeling (just a little bit πŸ˜‰ )?! Our home is very well organized when everything has a specific location and a label to match. If there is one, using any of the above methods will cover all bases!

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Label Organization: Frequently Asked Questions

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Organize your whole house with labels

What’s your favorite way to organize with labels? Tell us in the comments!

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This post contains affiliate links. See my disclosure here for more details.

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