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How To Update Any Lamp – DIY Painted Lamp Shade

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Hi everyone! ! I did a diy today that I wanted to share. I realize I’ve never shared this with you because I’ve done this many times before and it’s one of the simple things I do after midnight when the idea hits me. Well, I’ve documented it this time in case you need some inspiration on how to update your lamp. You can also use , replace lamp shades, or add details like new finials. But today, I’ll show you how to update your lamp without spending any more money and using spray paint you already have on hand…

Previous lamp:

After lamp:

Tips for spray painting lampshades:

That’s right, I spray painted this lamp shade to give it a whole new look. Sure, it sounds easy, but there are a few things to remember and avoid.

-Wash the lampshade clean before painting. Removes all dust and hair to make it really clean. I didn’t really do a great job with this.You can see all the little particles once the paint is applied. Clean it thoroughly. I was impatient and made the mistake of not doing this thoroughly because there are some flaws that need to be cleaned up now, but it is fixable!

-If you have a large lamp shade like me and want to lighten it up, use a spray primer to make it easier to apply your next coat and final color.

-Hang the lampshade in a box so that it doesn’t pick up anything from your table, garage floor, or any surface you’re painting on the shade.

-Work in a very even coat…this takes time! It should also look great when the lampshade is on. Heavy spots appear, so work even with light coats and wait for it to dry in the meantime.

●Don’t forget the underside of the shade! This makes the light filter more even, cleans up the shade, and if you see the old color when styling, you won’t see the old color underneath.

I used heirloom white Rustrium spray paint [satin] for this creamy white color.i added it to mine DIY section of store [HERE]. that’s it. It’s really easy, but if you didn’t know you could do this, you can! Of course, every shade is different and every material works differently. Do this at your own risk. But before you spend money on new shades or throw them away, try this. xx

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