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How to Throw a Simple Baby Shower + The Ultimate Baby Registry Guide

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I had a baby shower over the weekend Brooke, our longest-serving employees who are more like family than anything else.many years ago attended A baby shower, and the thing that got me so excited was that this was the first shower I personally threw! – I couldn’t think of anyone else who would rather have a ‘first’ shower than Brooke. If you’re someone who’s prone to stress at the thought of throwing a baby shower, read on because we ended this special day with less planning and production than you might think. And if you’re wondering what to become a parent, scroll down to the bottom for Brooke’s Ultimate Guide to Baby Registration.

start with an invitation

I have used mint Our Christmas cards have been around for years and, of course, I perused their website. baby shower invitation and found this cute invitation, is really darling (so Brooke). Pro Tip: Save money and time by downloading images and texting them.

Don’t overthink decoration

There is a wide spectrum when it comes to baby shower “decoration”. When it comes to decoration, there are also complete professionals who go “all the way”. I’m not that type. No need to buy or store lots of one-off decorations. Instead, I really relied on the sun to come out and make my backyard glow as the main backdrop for the party.

The decoration budget was just for balloons and a few other Party City pieces (did you know they deliver balloons?) and Baby’s Breath at Trader Joe’s.

You can make a big impact with a smaller budget if you know how to stretch it.

Snack catering

How can you make this bigger for the people behind you?? You don’t get extra points for being stressed or enslaved in the kitchen before a party. It might get you a few extra points, but if you want to make a big impact with minimal effort, save yourself and pack a snack. There was something for everyone. Yes, Chris was happy to cook delicious food, but catering was easy.

We set up this really cute “Mama Osa” bar with Trader Joe’s and Martinelli sparkling cider juices. Guests were served as soon as they arrived. For dessert, I chose a variety of macaroons that even the girls who are dairy and gluten free can eat.

Keep activities simple (and meaningful)

baby block

Initially, when planning the game portion of the party, I drew a blank because (confessions) I don’t really like baby shower games. Am I the only one with PTSD who smells melted chocolate bars out of diapers in front of a group of friends, acquaintances, and strangers? Almost never.

I decided to rethink the “game” and focus more on future moms and babies.so I Etsy We printed out some activities to fill the time and everyone kept talking about baby Knuth.

Guests filled out each activity card while chatting and eating snacks, keeping the party flowing from station to station. Near the end of the party, I read each card’s answer and whoever guessed most correctly prize bag (along with some of my favorite skincare and beauty products).

Here are the activities we did:
how old were your parents?
the price is right
over or under
wishes for baby

Let us know what you think of the gift opening!

People swing in both directions when opening gifts at showers and parties. Some people love it, some people hate it. Brooke was flying his family out for this shower so I knew he would be really grateful to see the gifts opened and in awe .

And since fathers play an equally important role in raising children, we invited Tristan to join us in the fun.

Brooke’s mom hopped on a Zoom call with her extended family. So I think it’s a really nice gesture for everyone to come together and say thank you for enjoying all the cute baby stuff.

Send guests home with party favors

Not only are party favors a really thoughtful way to show appreciation, but it’s also a great idea to start handing out with a gentle way of saying “the party is over” with a “thank you for coming”. . And it’s as easy as throwing a baby shower! Chris and I prepared everything for the party ahead of time, and two sisters helped set everything up that morning.

It’s been a long time since I’ve been into baby games (how about Polly 5?), so I asked Brooke if he’d put together a baby registration guide. Some things never change when it comes to baby diapers and breastfeeding, but there are an incredible number of products on the market that didn’t exist even in the middle of my infancy. Extremely thorough when it comes to researching, plus she has amazing taste, you won’t get lost with this complete list of must-haves. give something to

ultimate baby registry

Registered Brooke baby list, you can add products from any site, but keep everything in one place for friends and family to browse.However, if you register the goal and AmazonA free welcome box of baby products is also available. Here are all her recommendations!

buy everything baby

1. indy diaper backpack $195
2. Moss stitch cotton blanket $35
3. Read to Your Baby Every Day: 30 Classic Nursery Rhymes $11
Four. Brown bear, brown bear, what do you see? $5
Five. Hatch Grow Smart Replacement Pads and Scales $149
6. tabby todd bundle $48
7. wild bird aircraft carrier $178
8. boppy nursing pillow $34
9. bear lovely $45
Ten. bib pacifier $16
11. nanit baby monitor $280
12. silicone baby bibs $13
13. silicone baby bottle $25
14. silicone baby spoon $10
15. hatch sound machine $70
16. Hello Bassinet $300

buy baby products

sleeping shop

shop feeding

shop bathtime

Shop diapers + health

buy books and toys

buy baby clothes

When it comes to gifting baby clothes, many people buy whatever they want their baby to wear, but I think it’s a good idea to have your clothes on your registry so you know your style.

shop in our backyard

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