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How To Prepare For A Hypnotherapy Session

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How to prepare for a hypnotherapy session – Many therapists use hypnotic techniques to put patients through induced dream experiences and provide recommendations to help change their behavior. A qualified therapist can get you into the right state of mind, but there are ways to speed up that process.

How to prepare for a hypnotherapy session

This article describes the simple and best ways to prepare for a hypnotherapy session. These best methods are:

1- Find a trusted therapist

The therapist should be certified in hypnosis and understand why you want it. If you are scared of the hypnotist or believe that she cannot be hypnotized, the hypnosis is more likely to fail. This procedure requires the necessary confidence.

  • In some regions, the license may say “neuro-linguistic programming” instead of “hypnosis”.

2- Focus on requirements and comfort

Wear sweatpants or other comfortable clothing and remove your shoes. Before starting a hypnosis session, make sure you are not hungry or thirsty and go to the bathroom. Remove all distractions, including ringtones.

  • If you experience an unpleasant taste in your mouth, take mint.

3- Avoid irritants and anything else that causes discomfort

Avoid caffeinated drinks, tobacco and overly stimulating activities for several hours before your hypnosis session. Attend a hypnotherapy session with a sober face. Some hypnotherapists advise their clients not to eat or drink an hour before a session, or to avoid heavy meals.

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4- Find a quiet and comfortable place

Place your body on the sofa or bed. Sit in a reclining chair or a non-tipping chair, depending on your preference. If necessary, cover yourself with a warm, comfortable, light blanket. Set the lighting to a low, soothing level.

5- Take a deep breath (how to prepare for a hypnotherapy session)

Breathing slowly, deeply and consistently calms the nervous system and prepares it for deep relaxation. You can count your breaths as you inhale and as you exhale, 4 as you inhale and 6 as you exhale.

  • Some therapists have patients do three to four “Buddha breaths,” breathing in slowly and exhaling quickly, like blowing out a candle.

6- Mindful Meditation Practice

You don’t need to have meditation experience to be hypnotized, but some lessons learned from mindfulness practices may be helpful. Stay in the present moment and let your thoughts pass by without clinging to them.

Don’t judge what you think, examine your mind. The longer you do this, the easier it will be to maintain a peaceful and relaxed mind.

7- Listen to the pre-talk (how to prepare for a hypnotherapy session)

At a minimum, the therapist should give a “pre-talk” before the session begins. The purpose of the pre-talk is to comfort you, clear up misunderstandings, and reassure you. Ask your therapist questions or share your concerns.

8- Concentrate on what the therapist says

Pay close attention to your therapist’s comments once the hypnotic induction begins. Other thoughts come to mind, but let them pass without focusing or criticizing them, and maintain your mindfulness practice. With this technique and the help of a therapist, you will find yourself hypnotized in no time.

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