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How to Organize Under the Kitchen Sink

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Learn how to organize under your kitchen sink with these simple tips and tricks that will work in any kitchen!

Organized area under kitchen sink with stacked drawers and containers and cleaning caddy

The under-sink area in the kitchen can be hard to organize, right? Pipes make space cluttered and you usually have to store a variety of items under them. Modified. We look forward to showing you the results today!

Organized pantry with decanted baking items, pasta and spices

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How to organize under the kitchen sink

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When we first moved into the house, I basically took the cleaning caddies and bins that were under the old house sink and threw them under the new kitchen sink.

Before you organize under the kitchen sink

it wasn’t terrible, but I knew it wasn’t the optimal configuration, and recently I was finally able to take the time to come up with a better system. And (spoiler alert!) the new version is much better!

take everything out and put it in order

The first thing I did when I decided to tackle the under-sink cabinets was to take everything out of the space and give it a complete blank slate.

After taking everything out and cleaning under the kitchen sink

From there, I was able to get rid of everything I no longer used, see what was left, and develop a plan to keep it neat and tidy. created.

Cleaning the cabinet under the sink

While I was taking everything out of the cabinet, I wiped it down and put some patterned contact paperNot only does it look beautiful, but it also protects the cabinet itself from stains and scratches.

Bottom of cabinet under sink lined with patterned contact paper

Categorize items and enclose similar items

When I had everything I wanted to store under the kitchen sink, I separated everything and grouped similar things together. All supplies were together.

This kept everything organized and allowed me to see what type of containment would be best for each category of item.

Tips for choosing storage under the sink

Before I go to the store and buy a storage container, I try to use what I have on hand first. Pantry canisters work well in this space, as do office organizers and bathroom vanity bins.

When I don’t have anything on hand and decide to buy a new container for the space, I always measure carefully to make sure it fits neatly in the cabinet.

restock the cabinets under the kitchen sink

Once you’ve categorized all the items you want to store under your sink and put them in the trash, it’s time to replenish the space. Let’s see what I ended up with…

After organizing under the kitchen sink with clear labeled bins

If you watched my pantry video a few weeks ago, you know I used a lot of clear containers with light blue labels. I decided to give it a similar look.

of clear acrylic drawers Originally intended for cosmetics, it was just the right size for a sponge or cleaning cloth!

Close-up of transparent containers stacked under a labeled sink

Adding labels to storage containers

I cut labels out of adhesive vinyl using my silhouette machinewhich makes it easy to figure out what’s where.

I transferred a little dish soap oil container I also gave it a matching label. Really easy to grab and dispense whenever you need it.

A labeled container and a bottle of dish soap under the kitchen sink

used some Stackable OXO container I needed to keep some of my under-sink essentials.A bit pricey but I found it recently Click here for the cheaper versionthat’s also a great option.

Affordable Storage Container Locations

Recently, Dollar Tree has stepped up its game when it comes to storage solutions, and Target’s Dollar Spot also often offers neat and affordable storage pieces. Home Goods and TJ Maxx are also great places to check out discounted containers and baskets.

Clearly labeled container with dish pods, gloves, and cleaning supplies

Of course, a dishwasher tab is a must. I also keep a few pairs of rubber gloves in one of the trash cans just in case I need them for a messy job. Contains some random pieces that need to be placed.

I used the set’s super-tall container to hold the SOS pad, but since I don’t use it much, I set it back out of the way.

Close-up of SOS pads stored in a tall container behind a cabinet

my cleaning caddy (resemble) is actually a utensil holder for holding forks, knives, spoons, etc. But recently, I’ve simplified my cleaning supplies arsenal, so I wanted to get a smaller bin for my cleaning supplies.

White utensil holder filled with labeled cleaning supplies

The front section has some all-purpose cleaners, along with homemade glass cleaner in a simple spray bottle.

Final Thoughts on Organizing Under the Kitchen Sink

That’s our organized under sink cabinet! I used to always find this space cluttered and difficult to keep organized. But when I got down to the necessities I actually needed and actually used, I was amazed at how much extra space I had. Never complain about it!

Of course, everyone’s needs and setups are different, but this works great for us, so we’ll stick with it for the time being!

Organizing Under the Kitchen Sink: Frequently Asked Questions


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The best way to organize under the kitchen sink

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Do you have any tips and tricks for organizing under the kitchen sink? I’d love to hear about them in the comments!

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This post contains affiliate links. See my disclosure here for more details.

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