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How To Mix Light Fixtures In Your Home

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I personally believe that lighting is one of the things that can make or break a space. Layering the space with sconces, overhead lights is something I pay particular attention to. I mean, I don’t want the lamp and chandelier to match, conduct They need to talk to each other so they feel cohesive, so where do you start?

When we remodeled the kitchen, we also made some small but impactful updates to the dining room. New hardwood floors, fresh paint and some wall panels are all good. But the most noticeable difference among them all is the updated lighting.we recently covered this beautiful chandelierfrom Jamie Youngand this stunning striped table lamp, And I loved the way they worked together. , etc.), do not feel like a match at all. I thought it would be helpful to encourage you to analyze how I tend to combine lighting fixtures and share my best tips on how to mix and match lighting fixtures at home. rice field.

how to combine lighting

{bernard lamp}

Admittedly, there are no hard and fast rules here.in the end you that’s all Who needs to think that a combination of lighting fixtures works well. After all, it’s your space! But one thing I find helpful is choosing light fixtures that feel like sisters rather than twins. But they don’t have to be absolutely the same piece, or even from the same family. We encourage you to tinker with all the good things.

black gold chandelier

{The Lawton Chandelier}

The key to combining lighting fixtures is finding the one element that ties them together. Perhaps they are completely different shapes and styles, but the same material – one may be stone and the other metal, but the lampshades are similar. Or the same genre (ultra modern! very traditional!) but with different finishes and materials. Below are some great examples of light fixtures that work beautifully together and why.

tavern pendant & lawton wall sconce

Why it works:

Both have a transitional feel and look great in both traditional and modern homes. Materials vary, but his palette of black, white, and gold colors also works beautifully.

willow chandelier & wreath table lamp

Why it works:

Both have chrome accents (chain and harp). As well as the beautiful textural elements that tie them together.

blooming chandelier & lagoon table lamp

Why it works:

They are made from completely different materials (ceramic and iron), but both have a traditional shape and a slightly more modern feel.

Perignon chandelier & Wilhem Task Lamp

Why it works:

Both have clean lines combined with a bit of texture, aside from the fact that they’re both made out of matte gold.

constantine flushmount & ancient table lamp

Why it works:

One is made of ceramic and the other is made of metal, but they are similar in tone and color. The shapes are so different that they don’t feel like a match, but the straight strip elements they each add add another level of cohesion.

There it is. My best advice when combining lighting fixtures: Look for sisters, not twins!

thank you very much Jamie Young To the sponsors of this post. And thank you so much for supporting my sponsorship. It really means the world.

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