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How to Manage Kid Toys (+ A List of The Toys My Daughter Actually Uses)

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Frequently asked questions around here What do you do with all your child’s toys?How to manage a child’s toys can be a full-time job in itself so I understand that. keep it as simple as physically possibleI know children bring a lot of things ( many ), but I think we all Less good, happier. I really don’t think any of us need as much as we are brainwashed into believing. I clean my house regularly and my daughter’s toys are no exception. If you don’t get used and loved, find a new home, period!

Studies show that children are really overwhelmed with the 16+ toys at their disposal. If you’re competing for too much attention, you’re statistically less likely to play for any significant amount of time. I mean, okay. because – same! Sharpening things regularly is my best tip For managing children’s toys.

Also rotate things often – I keep a lot of stuff in her closet when not in use and only take out a few at a time. Most of those items are crammed into baskets so you can see and access them all without having to hunt around (I love something) like this That’s why it’s wide and shallow!) Baskets are my best friend around here.

Another tip if you have the choice is grab a cute toySo it’s definitely not a success or a failure. We’re used to big, ugly plastic things. Even tripping over a wooden rainbow makes my hair less sore (am I the only one?) Best of all, it makes cleanup a breeze at the end of the day.

lastly, Remind me this is just the seasonThere will come a day when I will miss seeing her little ones scattered all over our house, I know it all too well. increase.

So I thought sharing my daughter’s toys would be helpful. actual If you’re looking for your own inspiration, play around. (For reference, my daughter is now 3).

They’re all super cute and she’s played with a lot of them, but this particular set has kept her hooked the longest (she loves anything to do with baby care). When he first came home with us, she slept with a little bunny for a while.


I am equally amused by this. With a marker, draw pictures all over the animal and then give it a bath. The color washes out quickly. That’s excellent. she loves it

she sleeps in this every night

I’m a huge fan of toys that grow with her and I know she’ll be using this for years to come.

Owning an anatomically correct doll has always been important to me for many reasons.these dolls are really cute

She plays with these all the time – in the sensory bin, in the dollhouse, in the bath, with the play doll…we carry a few small pouches inside when we go out on trips and dinners… fantasy play

Anything that helps her take care of the baby. This set is especially cute (I love that it also supports local artists).

One of my birthday presents for this year. We love to have tea parties, but especially here the Light Up His waffle maker is a winner.

Another open-ended toy that we play with regularly in so many forms. In addition to building towers and bridges, you can also string beads, create a tow truck or domino he trail. It also comes with a small wooden person.

A great companion to the wood block set above. We build a lot with them. She also likes turning these into beds for different little babies/figurines. I am always amazed at the creativity she can make with them. I can see it).

I was surprised how often she played with this. She always takes care of different babies.

A veteran mom friend gave me this when my daughter was born. There are quite a few bath toys she can choose from, but she always picks this one first. I’m telling you!

Another great open-ended toy that will keep her entertained now and (hopefully) into the future.

Anything that helps her take care of the baby. This set is especially cute (I love that it also supports local artists).

My mom gifted this to us in our first year. They are extremely attractive and will keep her busy forever, saving her the work of guessing what it takes to succeed at each step. Made. I love them so much. Worth every penny.


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