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How to Make Pretty Labels in Microsoft Word + FREE Printable

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Learn how to create beautiful custom labels in Microsoft Word that can be printed in almost any shape, size, or color scheme.

Markers and colored pencils in a rolling cart with labels created in Microsoft Word

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I have to admit, I’m just obsessed with labels. We have them on almost everything in our house. Great for organization, helping boys find what they need, and adding a cute touch to baskets and gifts.

When making labels with self-adhesive vinyl, usually cricut cutting machineBut when it comes to making clean paper labels, I have no choice but to go back to my old standby, Microsoft Word, for all my labeling needs.

Word is great because it’s so easy to use. Most people have one, so it’s very easy to email and share projects. I’m sure there are about a million ways to create pretty labels in Microsoft Word, but here’s my tried-and-true method.

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How to create a label in Word step by step

1. Choose a shape.

Starting with a blank document,[挿入]click on the tab[図形]to select a shape to use for the label. I chose circle.

Insert label shapes into Microsoft Word

2. Adjust the outline and fill settings.

Once you’ve drawn the shape to the size you want (I chose 2.5″ x 2.5″), you’ll want to make it look nice. I usually like to make the outlines of shapes a little thicker so that they are clearly visible when printed.

To do this, go to the “Format” tab and under the “Shape outline” dropdown you will see “Weight”. I chose her 3 points. You can make it thinner or thicker, depending on your preference.

Adjust label fill and outline settings in Microsoft Word

You can also change the outline color in the Shape Outline dropdown. I chose dark red.

While changing the color, let’s also change the fill color. Right above the Shape Outline you will see the Shape Fill option. You have several options here. You can fill the shape with a solid color.

Create a circle label in Microsoft Word

Or maybe you want to put your design inside the shape.[図形の塗りつぶし]from the dropdown[画像]You can use any image file on your computer as the background for your shape by selecting the option.

add a pattern to the circle

You can also play with the ‘Gradient’ and ‘Texture’ options until you find a background you like.

3. Add layers as needed.

I think it always looks nice to add a second layer to the labels. The background can have fun colors and patterns, but it also gives a clean white surface for wording. Shape button) and size it appropriately. I made it 2 inches by 2 inches.

Add another layer to labels in Microsoft Word

Then adjust the width of the outline and the color of the outline and fill. Again I used a 3 pt dark red outline and left the fill color white, but you can always choose a color.

change outline color

4. Add your text.

To do this,[挿入]go to the tab,[テキスト ボックス]Choose.at the bottom of the dropdown menu[テキスト ボックスの描画]Select an option.

Add a text box to a circular label in Microsoft Word

Draw a text box over an existing shape. Next, we’ll make the label transparent so that the text box doesn’t obscure the beautiful label we just created. With the text box selected[テキスト ボックス]go to the tab,[図形の塗りつぶし]and[塗りつぶしなし]Choose. You should also select “No Fill” for “Shape Outline”.

Change text settings

When the text box becomes transparent, you are ready to type. Add words, change size, font, and alignment as you would in a regular Word document. You can also play with colors! I used a dark blue “Juice ITC” 36pt font.

Adjust label font

5. “Group” the labels.

Once you have the labels you want, the last thing you want to do is group them. This allows you to move around the page as a unit instead of trying to move each piece individually.

To use the Group feature, hold down the Ctrl key on Windows computers or the Command key on Mac and click each element of the label to select them all.

Group labels in Microsoft Word

Then right click on the selection and[グループ化]and[グループ]Choose.

Completed custom label in Microsoft Word

free! Your label is now a cohesive unit! Move around the page, copy and paste, change the text and go crazy!

For all the achievers out there right now…

Create Labels in Microsoft Word: Bonus Round

Another fun thing is the outline style. Start with the same white circle with a dark red outline, but instead of using a colored background, add interest with a second layer.

For the ‘Shape Outline’ of the inner circle, go to ‘Dash’. You can choose dots (like I did), squares, dashed lines, etc. Another cute dimension to add to your labels.

Shows how to add a double border to a label

Fancy programs and machines are really cool, but you can create pretty labels using just Microsoft Word. In my opinion, this is the easiest program to navigate and still gives beautiful and fully customized results.

How to print labels from Word

Once you’ve made your cute labels, what’s next? I usually print mine (on my home inkjet printer) on white cardstock to make them sturdy, so I cut them out by hand.

Round-label cart made with Microsoft Word

If you want to place labels in high traffic areas, laminate Protect them a little more. Labels are usually taped or taped, whether laminated or not. velcro dot.

favorite laminator

used this laminator Over the years, they’ve always been my go-to when I want my labels and other printed materials to be a little more durable.

If you want to use stickers-like labels, Avery has many templates for stickers.you simply head to their websitefind a template that matches the sticker you purchased (you can search by pack number), download the template, and create your design within the guide provided.

my favorite label

For your enjoyment, we have prepared a page of simple printable labels. Happy labeling!

Simple printable labels created in Microsoft Word

Create labels in Microsoft Word: frequently asked questions

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How to create pretty labels in Microsoft Word

How to make your favorite label?

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This post contains affiliate links. See my disclosure here for more details.

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