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How to Create an Organized Picture Hanging Kit

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Create an organized picture hanging kit to easily hang family photos, wall art, mirrors and more!

organized painting hanging kit

You may or may not ask Donnie to hang, rehang, and rearrange your wall art often. I’m always willing to change my mind, come up with new ideas, and try out different configurations.

gold framed dining room gallery wall

Because you use almost the same materials every time you install wall art and photos, Donnie cleverly put together a photo hanging kit to make the job quick and easy. (Did I say he’s the second most organized person here? He’s the real organizer!)

This kit is so convenient that you don’t have to find everything you need every time you want to hang something on your wall. (This happens more often than I’d like to admit! 😉)

If you want to create your own organized picture hanging kit, Donny will tell you what to include…

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How to make an organized picture hanging kit

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When Abby is feeling bored or anxious, her favorite thing to do is hang things on the wall or rearrange things that are already on the wall. And for some reason she always asks me for help. I’m fine with that. 🙂

I was rummaging through garages and basements looking for small painting hanging hardware and other things I needed for a particular job. Looking for and not finding what you need is always more frustrating than the hanging itself, but it’s actually fun.

Some time ago I decided to make things easier and waste less time by making my own picture hanging kit. was missing. I decided to buy all the parts separately and build my own kit.

What’s Included in the Organized Painting Hanging Kit

Here’s what was included in my kit…

Organized painting hanging kit with divided compartments to hold nails, screws, D-rings, command strips, and other painting hanging supplies
  1. small parts organizer (resemble). A small container like this can hold all your different photo hanging parts and keep them all in one place.
    I have a few small parts cases with removable dividers and I love them. It’s reasonably priced and has a solid latch so you don’t have to worry about small D-hooks and nails flying around.
  2. tape measureSimple but very important!
  3. sawtooth picture frame without nailsAbby has a habit of turning picture frames sideways. Usually you have to add small sawtooth hangers to the side of the frame for it to work.
  4. zinc self-drilling drywall anchorI use these all the time. They are incredibly sturdy and can be easily removed when no longer needed (unlike their plastic counterparts). These strengths are unmatched.
    The only downside to these anchors is that they leave big holes in your drywall. Nothing can’t be patched!
    I keep a lot of these in stock as I use them for other construction uses as well as hanging pictures and decorations on the walls. .
  5. padded brass hangerIf you use the wire method to hang your pictures, these hangers are great and can hold a lot of weight.
  6. D-ringThis set includes 100 D-ring photo holders and mounting screws. These are great for heavy photos. For some reason some frames don’t have D-rings and you have to add them yourself.
  7. sawtooth hanger with screwFor more delicate operations that require a screw instead of hammering a saw, these work very well.
  8. command stripAbby uses these all the time to hang lighter objects or to stabilize frames she wants to hang off-center, so I included them in the kit.
  9. vinyl covered wireIf you’re having trouble hanging two D-rings horizontally to get a large photo, connect the D-rings with a wire and hang the photo from the wire.
  10. Heavy-duty drywall hanger supportI haven’t really used any of these yet, but I know the day is coming and I’m ready!
  11. finishing nailsFor lighter items, use simple nails that the picture frame sawtooth sits on.This assortment has all the sizes you need.
  12. 24 inch plastic spirit levelThis size seems perfect for creating horizontal photo heights on gallery walls. You can verify that it is correct by testing the level on a surface and checking that you get the same readings with the level upside down.
  13. laser levelIt’s kind of a luxury, but it’s certainly useful if you want a long, horizontal line.

Organized Painting Hanging Kit: Final Thoughts

You now have my custom picture hanging kit! The only things not on my list that I keep near my kit are a small hammer and a pencil.

Spending a little time and money to put together a picture hanging kit has already saved me hours this year.

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Picture Frame Kits: Frequently Asked Questions

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How to make an organized picture hanging kit

Anything else you love when hanging pictures? Let us know in the comments below.

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This post contains affiliate links. See my disclosure here for more details.

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