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How to Create an Organized Hat Wall

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Learn an easy way to create an organized hat wall so you can easily access all your hats whenever you need them!

Organized hat wall in boy's bedroom

Hats can be really difficult to organize. They have an awkward shape. We accumulate a lot of them. And because it’s hard to know the best way to place them, it’s easy to find what you need.

My collection of boy hats grew quickly, but I didn’t have a proper system to store them. I used it as a permanent storage solution.

Messy hats on bedroom floor and messy hooks

We knew there had to be a better solution, so we’re thrilled with what we came up with! Create a fun feature wall in your shared bedroom!

pegboard with art

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Here’s how to create…

How to make a DIY wall hat rack

A big thank you to Duck Brand for hooking me up on this project! This post contains affiliate links. See my disclosure here for more details.

Step 1 – Gather your hat wall supplies.

Step 2 – Plan and mark the layout of your hat wall display.

Before I hung the hooks on the wall, I had to plan where I was going to mount them.

I used the narrow wall behind the boy’s bedroom door to store hats. With the amount of space I had, I decided to create a hat wall display with 3 hats on the side and 4 hats on the bottom.

I found the center of the wall and used the hat itself to find meaningful spacing. Once I figured out where the top center hat was going to go, I marked that space and used measuring tape and a level to mark where the hooks would hang on either side of the center hook.

Use a tape measure to plan an organized hat wall layout

With my hat on, I decided to install the first row of hooks before marking the design so I could visualize very clearly what the spacing would look like.

Step 3 – Install the top row of wall hat hooks.

What made this hat wall installation so simple was the These nifty EasyMounts hooksMade specifically for drywall and requires no tools for installation.

Duck Brand EasyMounts J hooks are used to create an organized hat wall

First, I peeled off the backing paper from the base plate of the hook. Then I placed the marks I made for placement, aligned them using the base plate’s built-in level, and pressed them against the wall.

Mount the J-hook base plate to the wall using the built-in spirit level

Next, using the “magnet helper” that comes in the package with the hook, I fixed the base plate by pushing three pins into the holes provided in the plate.

Mount the organized hat wall by pushing the pin into the J-hook baseplate

Since the base plate is firmly attached, I simply slid the hook over the plate and it worked fine.

I then repeated the process for the hooks on either side of the center hook I attached.

Three hooks installed to create a hat wall in a boy's bedroom

Step 4 – Repeat steps 2 and 3 to create the remaining rows of hooks.

After attaching the top row, I hung a baseball cap on each hook and used it to mark the spacing of the next row of hooks. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until all 12 hooks are attached ( mark the placement and attach the hook) was repeated.

12 black J hooks hanging on the wall in the boy's bedroom

Step 5 – Hang your hats and enjoy your newly organized hat wall.

After all the hooks were attached, all that was left was to hang the boy’s hat. Most of the time he used one hat for each hook. However, it is definitely possible to hang two hats on each hook and they will be fixed neatly.

Organize hat wall in boy's bedroom

The boys love how easy it is to put away their hats. And I love that it stays neat and tidy instead of being thrown behind the bed or on the floor!

This was a great way to put the unused space behind the door to good use. (When the door is open, it stops before it hits the hat, so it won’t crush or lose its shape.

More hat wall holder ideas

We recognize that this exact hat wall installation won’t work for everyone, so we wanted to share some hat storage ideas that might help.

Organized Hat Walls: Frequently Asked Questions

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How to install an organized hat wall

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A big thank you to Duck Brand for hooking me up on this project! This post contains affiliate links. See my disclosure here for more details.

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