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How to Create an Organized Gift Wrap Station

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Wrapping paper and gift wrapping supplies can be difficult to organize because they are bulky and take up a lot of space. To solve this problem, we’ve created an organized gift wrapping station to help you wrap presents quickly and easily.

Gift wrapping supplies organized in dresser drawer

Gift-giving season means lots of gifts wrapping that too! Indeed, after we moved into our house (a little over a year later – ugh!), we found ourselves avoiding wrapping gifts because we didn’t have a proper system of supplies in place. rice field.

Everything was scattered around the house, so every time I needed to wrap a present, I had to rummage through a number of cluttered trash cans to find the supplies I needed.

With Christmas fast approaching, I couldn’t put up with the messy non-system anymore, so I decided to solve the problem by building a little gift wrap station!

Organized pantry with decanted baking items, pasta and spices

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How to create an organized gift wrapping station

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It would have been great if I could have made a custom built-in with all the cute little gift wrapping areas built in, but that can be time consuming and expensive and I wanted something set up in time for the holiday season. So I searched for a house and tried to work with what I already had. You can make something like this with a little ingenuity!

Completed organized gift wrapping station with dresser, chair and bins full of wrapping paper

1. Collect all the wrapping paper.

The first thing I needed was a way to enclose all the gift wrap. Gift wrap is long and cumbersome, and it can be difficult to find a clutter-free way to store it for quick and easy retrieval.

I grabbed a tall round bottle (resemble).

Close-up of wrapping paper stored in an open decorative box next to a gift bag hanging on a command hook

wrapping paper bin ideas

  • there is commercially available container It is specially used for storing wrapping paper when something else in the house is unavailable.
  • If you prefer to keep the wrapping paper rather than leaving the box outside, container that fits under the bed.
  • above the door system Also great for wrapping paper. Perfect for use in your guest room or office closet.
  • If you use the station often, you can decorate the wall with beautiful paper. with a rack Or decorative pegboards and dowels.
  • garment bag It also comes in handy if you hide it in a closet that you don’t use often.

2. Enclose and organize other wrapping supplies.

Next, I needed something to store the rest of my wrapping supplies. I thought about using a rolling cart or a wooden chest of drawers, but I actually settled on the little white dresser I had in my office.

My sons used to have two dressers in their room, but now they only use one. So I had this left over and thought it would be perfect to hold my gift wrapping supplies.

Front view of gift wrapping station

Let’s take a look inside the drawer!

The first thing I did was pretty much drawer linersI always think this makes the drawers look a little nicer and makes it easier to wipe down when needed.

i had extra SKUBB box Ever since I was organizing my clothes, I used things in my drawers as enclosures.

Free shoeboxes are also useful if you don’t have extra trash cans. I wrapped mine in clean paper to give them a uniform look.

Storage ideas for gift wrapping supplies

Other caddies and containers can be used to store gift bags, tags, ribbons and more. This is great if your station doesn’t have a dresser, but you still need to organize it.

Top view of a drawer holding miscellaneous supplies for wrapping gifts

The top drawer has a bin for ribbons and a bin for ribbons. Then there are two small boxes. One contains the tape and the other contains the gift tag. I also keep a pen and scissors in my drawer for writing tags.

Then, place a small container of paper clips in the back corner. I use these to clip wrappers to keep everything from unraveling and cluttering up in the box.

Close up the paper clips on the roll of wrapping paper and hold them together neatly.

The second drawer in the dresser has a bin for all your tissue papers and even space for small gift bags…

Top view of draw holding bag and scrap paper

I got a little stuck because I had some gift bags that were too big to fit in my drawer command hook I hung a large bag next to the dresser. It keeps them neat and tidy, and when my hook is empty, I know it’s time to buy more bags!

Close-up of the side of the DIY wrapping station

packaging supplies tips

It’s amazing that command hooks can use dead space! Perfect for hanging gift bags, unopened tissue paper, and labels as needed. For leftover scraps and tags, place them in gift bags and hang them on command hooks as well.

My dresser is quite wide, so there was even space for items that aren’t actually gift wrap. But I kept it with my gift-wrapping supplies, so I wanted to keep it nearby.

The third drawer contains all the different patterned drawer liners. Keep a few small scrap pieces in case you need to fill in gaps when lining cabinets and drawers.

Top view of lower drawer holding remaining makeup cabinet liners

Finally, there are some party decorations in the bottom drawer. I like to keep this with my gift wrapping supplies as well. .

Open drawers for organized party decorations

3. Organize your cards.

i also have small organizer This drawer contains various types of greeting cards. Each section is labeled so whenever you need a card for something, you can come here and get one without going to the store.

Yellow label organizer for extra card storage

Organizing Your Gift Wrapping Supplies: Final Thoughts

That’s why I’m sorting out gift wrapping paper and consumables these days. It really helps to have everything in one place so you can easily find it when you need it.

I keep it in my office, but in my old house I used to keep this dresser at the bottom of a long closet to maximize the space. There is a possibility.

Photo after organizing the wrapping paper station and dresser

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Gift Wrapping Station: Frequently Asked Questions

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How to create an organized gift wrapping station

There are so many possibilities for storing gift wrap depending on your space and the items you have on hand to store it – let us know in the comments how you organize your gift wrap and supplies !

A nice day!

This post contains affiliate links. See my disclosure here for more details.

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