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How I Assess a House That is Out Of Trigram by Kartar Diamond

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What is Out of Trigram House?

This is the type of house that has an uncertain compass reading based on when it was built. In this example, the phrase alludes to trigrams that are directions, and “out of” means that the compass direction is outside one of the defined directions. If your house isn’t that old, your current compass reading may be on or near the line that separates the two main directions. If your home is older, use an online magnetic declination calculator to see if your compass reading was off the trigram when it was built. Magnetic declination has been around for decades in many parts of the world. Move slowly.

Most homes are not like this. But I do come across an Out of Trigram House a few times a year. In other words, if you go six months without being asked to review a house outside of Trigram, you’ll be reviewing two in a week.

The Out of Trigram House by Kartar Diamond

A compass has 360 degrees, and in Flying Star School there are 24 different directions a house can face. If you look at the compass diagram, you can see that there are cutoff points every 15 degrees. For example, 67.5 degrees is on the line connecting northeast and east.

Homes and buildings outside of Trigram can pose unique problems for residents. A house may appear out of the hexagram, but further examination may reveal that it is not. Occasionally, once or he is dealing with two orientations. Even with the best compass and the most careful reading, you may still not know for sure.

The exterior walls of a house or building cannot be guaranteed to face exactly the same angle along the entire length of the wall. Our building abilities are not very strict and houses can also move due to subsidence or land movement.

We go through a process of trying to eliminate or narrow down other possibilities based on feedback that residents can provide. If the occupant hasn’t lived in the space for a long time and isn’t aware of how the previous occupants lived there, they may need to go through a “trial and error” period. I can’t.

How to value a house outside Trigram

Whether it’s direct compass reading or remote compass reading, my measurement skills are very good, but not entirely certain. You are welcome to take your own compass readings to add to the discussion. Even if you’ve never used a compass before, we can still guide you through some pointers. Frankly, in-person compass readings can be distorted by local interference, such as metal objects or the infrastructure you’re standing on to make the reading, so remote compass readings are more accurate. may be

Why Are Compass Apps Not Reliable? By Kartar Diamond

Out-of-Trigram House has up to 4 different Flying Star charts. As an example, let’s use a house that appears to face 67.5 degrees. Avoiding unnecessary jargon, the four different chart types for this compass reading can be described as follows.

  • Normal northeast three-sided view
  • Anomalous northeast three-way map
  • Ordinary East-1 Oriented Chart
  • Abnormal East-1 Oriented Chart

****These chart types show only a few degrees of orientation difference.

As another example, suppose your property faces the line between South-1 and South-2 (172.5 degrees). Check the following chart.

  • Normal south side view
  • Anomalous south-1 view
  • Normal south 2 side view
  • Anomalous South-2 Oriented Chart

Above is an aerial view of a house facing 202.3 degrees after adjusting for magnetic declination. (see upper right corner). The south-southwest boundary point is 202.5 degrees. This is an example of Out of Trigram House.

After comparing 4 possible energy charts

I will come up with a series of questions and ask you to answer them. The questions relate to different charts and I focus on important places where you spend a lot of time such as your bedroom, home office, entryway. For example, Chart 1 indicates that the resident may have lung problems, Chart 2 indicates that the resident may have digestive problems, Chart 3 indicates that the resident may have Suppose you are in good health but have financial problems, and Chart 4 indicates that this is possible. Marriage problem. These are just theoretical examples. Now, if the client says he has an ‘X’ problem, it means his one checkmark has an advantage over another chart type, and by answering more questions, the process becomes more decisive. could be something.

This method is most reliable when:

The occupants have lived in the house for some time and are experiencing its effects

Previous residents had experiences that could be confirmed by neighbors and others who knew them.

If no one knows the previous resident’s history and you are a new resident

More experimentation will be needed and in the end we will only make good and “safe” recommendations for all chart types. As an example, let’s say that 3 out of 4 possibilities in your chart indicate that you need water somewhere in your property. I think it’s okay to recommend water features for areas that may be suitable for any type of chart.

The Out of Trigram House is a house where the energy is not as restless as the others.

This could also mean that the flying star’s energy didn’t really settle in a predictable location. In some cases, none of the four chart types apply. Then what do you do?

  • There are some simpler schools of feng shui that can be used either with the type of house itself or with the best personal instructions based on the date of birth of the occupant.
  • From Flying Star School, you can review your annual energy and adjust it as needed.
  • We can rely on “form school” feng shui, which is based on chi flow, energy flow, architectural design layout, and natural or man-made external features. For example, if you have dead trees in front of your house, you should deal with it. I wouldn’t rely on a compass reading to recognize that it could be a problem. If the house is chronically dark, it has a problem with the yin and yang balance and is not relying on compass readings to deal with it.

This explanation outside the trigram Houses can be more complicated to interpret and treat. Spend as much time as you need in hopes of reaching an accurate conclusion. Your participation in understanding your own space and your input on it is always appreciated. For example, during the initial evaluation of your property, you are still not 100% sure which is the correct flying star chart. After a few months, if you have any unusual experiences that you can share with me, that experience might be even more helpful in identifying the correct chart. I called and said I had dropped it and broke my toe. That incident will appear in one of the Flying Star charts and may help you determine the correct one.

Author: Carter Diamond

Company name: Feng Shui Solutions (R)

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