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Homemade Dishwasher Powder

by Contributing Author

A simple recipe for a safe, green dishwasher powder that effectively cleans even the dirtiest dishes without residue or streaks.

One product that should never be left out of your home is automatic dishwashing liquid or tablets.

This substance is one of the most toxic chemical concoctions people use in their homes, and they use it every day, for years, and usually without a second thought.

Is this safe to use on the dishes and utensils we eat on?

What’s the benefit of buying everything organic, local, and nutritious if the kitchen utensils you offer contain hazardous residues?

The companies that make these products guarantee that the chemicals wash off cleanly, but I don’t (never) believe their claims.

Even the ingredients in the “green” dishwashing liquids I’ve researched are toxic…. though not as much as the supermarket brands.

Some contain glycerin, which is sticky and more likely to remain on your dishes.

It’s important to remember that the marketing term “eco-friendly” doesn’t necessarily mean “people-friendly”..

I have yet to find a brand of dishwasher powder that is 100% safe and comfortable to use.

If you think you’ve found it, share it with your ingredients list in the comments!

But it’s so easy and cheap to make your own that I don’t understand why more people don’t do it.

One more tip… We do not recommend putting 100% trust in the Environmental Working Group’s Ingredient Safety Database.

Good source, but sometimes wrong.

Some of the ingredients I researched using it were “green”, but when I searched further for them, they were far from safe!

I’m not saying don’t use it, just don’t use it as your sole or final authority on the particular chemical you’re investigating.

Make your own dish soap! The formula below works well even with the very hard well water we have in our home.

Will it work as well as commercial brands?

No, it’s not. But in my experience it works well enough.

Be sure to scrape the dish before you start loading.

This is a little extra work that I much prefer over using products that strip everything in the sun but can leave toxins on your plates, cups and utensils!

Woman pouring DIY dishwasher powder into dispenser

homemade dish soap


  1. In a small container with a tight-fitting lid, combine the baking soda and citric acid.

  2. Add 1 tablespoon of dry mixture to the main detergent compartment for each load of the dishwasher. For heavy loads or especially dirty, use 2 tbsp.

  3. Fill the rinse compartment of your dishwasher with white vinegar. This is optional, but recommended when using hard water.

DIY Automatic Dish Detergent for LG Dishwashers

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