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The kitchen just got a lot more comfortable! Did you know my first job was a barista? It was my favorite job because of the people, the art of making drinks, and of course all the coffee I drank while working. Now I can pretend to be a barista again in my own kitchen. Call it “White Cottage Farm Coffee Shop”. Brew a latte while chatting on the kitchen island. Sounds like fun, right? !I enjoy using our GE very much Profile E.Spresso M.Today I am sharing an achine I got at Wayfair. Because it’s part of the 40% off small appliances sale and makes a great gift for any coffee lover! This little machine has helped me go out for coffee less and spend more time cuddling up on the couch in my pajamas and sipping my homemade latte. Do you brew your coffee at home or are you a coffee shop devotee? I now have a balance of both and I feel great! Let us know what you think about our cozy coffee nook.

Holidays are here and so are holiday parties. Our home has become the perfect place to host friends and family.It is centrally located to the family and is wheelchair accessible for grandparents. When we moved here we dreamed of these days, even with the added stress that comes with hosting. We shared these tips and tricks, plus another way to add an experience to your party, go to your favorite coffee shop. Gives you full access to the perfect tasty little drink.

In case you don’t know, I was a barista in high school and early college. I loved that job, aimed at connecting with patrons, getting a little creative with their drinks, and making someone’s day just a little better. Not my milk-stained shoes (my fellow baristas know what I’m talking about), but I miss most of the things I used to work in coffee shops. Even behind the counter, I’m still a simple coffee drinker. The current drink is an oat milk latte. No added syrup or sugar, just a plain latte. oat milk. As a host, I love the idea of ​​being able to offer custom lattes of people’s choice to make our time at our party just that little bit better. . Enough to eat the apps and indulge a little on the main course but leave room for dessert. that is I secretly wish I had a latte with that perfect holiday pie.

The new GE Profile™ Semi-Automatic Espresso Maker + Frother will not only make your day a little easier, but it will also help you enhance your gathering experience with your guests. GE Profile™ Semi-Automatic Espresso Maker + Frother May Be For More Experienced At-Home Baristas, Says, but Jose and I, who have never been behind a barista counter, make lattes with the best minus art (we tried, and they’re bad). The GE Profile™ Semi-Automatic Espresso Maker + Frother comes with the SmartHQ mobile app. It helps you maintain your espresso maker, lets you know when it needs cleaning or descaling, and has sections to customize your beverage settings. A whisking stick allows you to set the temperature of the hot water. This will have you ready for the perfect cup of tea right off the counter (if you’re not a hot coffee or tea drinker). What I’ve learned is that even if you have a lot of counter space, you should save as much as you can, both on the counter and at the outlet. , saves space for an extra grinder. No need to use a different grinder, spoon it into a portafilter, or mess around with step 1 normally. This espresso maker has 15 different grind settings from coarse to fine, and both single and dual wall filters for single and double shots of espresso to customize the perfect shot. Dual wall filters help maintain consistency in latte mixes. This is very important for beginners.

Good news for those who take the inner barista out of the house. Wayfair can save up to 40% on small appliances. This includes GE, GE Profile, and Cafe small appliances. I now have the GE Profile Opal Nugget Ice Maker and love it. We use it every day and attribute many of our healthier decisions to drink more water to having ice cold water available at all times.Our Other GE Profile As a product lover, we knew the GE Profile™ Semi-Automatic Espresso Maker + Frother was easy to use and understand. Check it out now and let us know how you like your homemade latte before the sale ends. I hope you enjoy this little tip on how to add to your hosting business.s Enjoy their time a little more.Get daily updates on our socials above Instagram, FacebookWhen tick tockThank you again and have a nice stay!

xx Liz Marie

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