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Hate Going to the Gym? Here are Different Fun Workouts You Can Try Out!

by Contributing Author

Every day, we come across so many posts on social media that emphasize the importance of exercising daily. And when you hear the word workout, the first (and probably only) thing that comes to mind is the gym! Hate Gym! And no matter how much you motivate yourself to work out at the gym every day, you can’t do it.

Many of us want to exercise but don’t want to go to the gym. That’s perfectly fine. Here are a few different types of workouts you can try instead of pushing yourself to the gym. Training should be fun too, right? Here are some fun workout ideas.


If you’re a water baby and love to make a splash, swimming is the perfect workout for you. Plus, it’s a relaxing and peaceful exercise that can instantly relieve stress. Swimming is a particularly good training option for people recovering from injuries. This is a low impact exercise. It helps you burn calories in a steady and systematic way.

indoor climbing

You don’t have to worry about bad weather outdoors when you can climb walls and rocks indoors. Indoor climbing is slowly gaining popularity as a form of workout. This is a comprehensive exercise that will enjoy your core, upper body, legs and forearms. To improve your climbing skills, you need to do warm-up exercises and yoga drills.


The great thing about dancing is that it’s intense cardio, yet fun! All you need to do is create a fun playlist of upbeat songs. Dance is a form of free expression, so there are no rules. you just have to get started! But if you want to learn a dance form, you can always learn fast-moving dance styles like salsa, hip hop, zumba, Bollywood dance or even hula hoop. All of these dance forms are very fast and great for burning extra calories.


If you don’t like working out indoors, you can always go outdoors and step into nature. No matter what kind of trail you choose, hiking is a great full-body exercise in nature. You can start with easy trails and then choose more difficult trails as your body adapts to the hike. Hiking improves your balance and helps build stronger muscles and bones. It also helps get rid of respiratory ailments by increasing lung capacity. The next time you’re looking for some outdoor exercise, go hiking.


On days when you don’t want to do strenuous exercise, go for a walk. After all, some activity is better than no exercise at all! Walking may seem like a simple exercise, but walking every day can make a difference in your overall fitness. Walking can help you lose body fat and maintain a healthy weight. It’s a consistent process, but the results of walking last longer. A 20-30 minute walk is sufficient for daily exercise. And the best part? You can walk wherever you like!


We’ve listed some fun workout forms you can try instead of the gym. Mix and match your weekly workout schedules so that you never have a boring day. I look forward to working out and trying something new every day. what are you looking for Create a “fun” workout schedule in no time.

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