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Happy Spring

by Contributing Author

photograph: Zolly

I’m not going to lie, but I didn’t find this winter as difficult as it usually is. I believe it’s because I’ve worked harder than ever to manage my mental health. Plus, we’re on a mission this year to bundle up and actually get outside every day.again*game changer). However, the fact that today is officially the start of spring is more than exciting. And, strangely, does it feel like it’s creeping up on me? It never happens.

I saw a robin in a nearby tree the other day. It was enough to give me a wave of excitement about what was to come.The snow around here is slowly but surely melting*. I can’t wait to start digging in the garden again. I have a lot of plans! What I want to say is…to celebrate the first days of spring, here are some inspiring moments that get me in the mood. Happy first day of spring, my friend!

*This may well be wishful thinking and it could well come back to haunt me, but I can stay optimistic

see the look

photograph: La Divine Comedy Avignon
photograph: Kelly Ventura
photograph: Jason Ingram
Photos and designs: studio maggie
photograph: shop parterre
Photos and designs: Heidi Kyler
design: intimate living interior | | Photo: Karin Millett

see the look

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