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Handy Free Project Planner Printable – Track Every Stage

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No matter what project you start, having a place to keep track of everything is very useful. This printable project planner (it’s free!) is the perfect place to do just that. Download now to get started.

Note: This printable is one of over 100 free printables to make your home life easier from our amazing library of free printables available to all OMH VIPs. If you haven’t joined yet, make sure to click the link to join now!

What is a project planner?

project planner printable

A project planner is a great tool that really helps you organize your larger tasks (or projects!).

Think of it like a dedicated to-do list for one project with a deadline and breaking things down so you can easily complete one step at a time.

For example, organize your entire wardrobe, decorate your room, or organize your pantry.

Breaking down large projects into smaller tasks helps you avoid feeling overwhelmed and makes it easier to see your progress.

Plus, ticking off each completed task is super satisfying!

Quote - Things don't happen.things are made to happen

A printable project planner will help you stay on track, save time, and get your home life in order in no time.

Grab a cup of tea, print out the project planner, and be ready to tackle your home organization project like a pro.

Get a printable copy of Project Planner

project planner printable

This free printable project planner can be yours today.

It’s part of the Free Printables Library available to all OMH subscribers, just click the button below and sign up to access.

Note: This template is available as a PDF template in both A4 and letter sizes.nevertheless 80gsm paper Sufficient for most daily use. We recommend printing on at least 100gsm paper for best results. 120gsm When displaying printable. You can also use colored paper for a more personalized style (I love using it) brown paper!).

How to use the project planner

For inspiration, here are six great ways to use a project planner in your home life.

#1 – Organize

Project Planner makes it easy to break down large decluttering projects like kitchens and garages into smaller, more manageable tasks.

#2 – Organize

Whether it’s your pantry, garage, or home office, a project planner can help break down the steps you need to take to get organized.

#3 – Home Improvements

Planning a home improvement project? Use the project planner to keep track of all the tasks involved, from choosing paint colors to scheduling tradesmen.

#4 – Cleaning

Project Planner helps you stay on top of your cleaning tasks, whether it’s a big clean of your entire home or a quick cleanup of your living room.

#5 – Gardening

Planning a garden or landscaping project? Use the project planner to track all the tasks involved, from plant selection to planting and maintenance.

#6 – Travel Planning

Whether it’s a weekend getaway or a family vacation, Project Planner helps you keep track of all the tasks involved, from booking flights to packing your luggage.

project planner printable

Now you can download our completely free and amazing project planner and start planning now.

Plus, we have lots of ideas for how you can use it to keep track of the big things you’re trying to accomplish.

We hope you enjoy using it – and good luck with whatever project you’re currently working on!

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