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Hailey Bieber’s Kitchen Proves That Dark Paint Can Still Be Homey

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After all, adding deep hues to your home doesn’t have to be intimidating. Case in point: Hailey Bieber’s kitchen. She showed off in her new YouTube cooking series.What do I have in my kitchen?

In the first article (titled “Two Ways to Make Breakfast”), Bieber promises: This is not a set. ”

Media personality and founder of Rhode Skin’s space features more dramatic colors, such as brass sinks, swirly white-and-grey marble countertops, and wooden kitchenware, with more traditional neutrals. It features black kitchen cabinets that balance out the accents. The result is a classy kitchen that incorporates the elegance of black cabinetry while adding just enough classic airiness to make it feel completely natural.

As mentioned earlier, Bieber isn’t the only one embracing more dramatic dark paint. As Apartment Therapy reported in the summer of 2021, the terms “interior dark paint” and “dark wood paneling” have become trending kitchen colors on TikTok.

But before you dive into darker hues, follow our tried-and-true expert tips for keeping spaces inviting and functional.as Caroline Grant and Dolores Suarez decal design She told Apartment Therapy that she sprinkled these deep colors on bright furniture to “make the room feel like it’s not only spacious but also has a lot of natural light.”

Meanwhile, Crystal Sinclair Crystal Sinclair Designs It is recommended to choose a room that is already dark and small. “Play with the room’s natural light,” she told Apartment Therapy. “For hidden spaces with little or no light, lean into a darker-colored space.”

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