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Green Tomato Relish (without sugar)

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If you love canning, try this green tomato relish. I’ve broken down the steps and tips to make the process easier for beginners. This recipe is from Ashley Eller and Farm Girl Fare and is one of my favorite hers with green tomatoes!

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I’ve been waiting all year for fresh red tomatoes in my backyard, but this green tomato relish recipe is so unbelievably delicious that I even considered picking a few off the vine before the grapes ripened. did not.

Green Tomato Relish Recipe for Canning or Frozen

Due to all the chopping and simmering, this recipe will require several hours from start to finish. Either way, you won’t regret it.

Also, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that I was introduced to this recipe in a canning class with Ashley Eller earlier this year.

Delicious homemade sauces, dips and condiments

I occasionally fall in love with a particular recipe or friend. This is one of them! I guess it’s no secret that I’m also a little obsessed with the crockpot refried bean recipe (besides the classic melted cheese and sour cream, of course). I didn’t get caught just eating a spoonful of this relish. 🙂 Can you say I’m hooked?

We use our homemade green tomato relish on all kinds of meals, not just burgers (or beans). A great salsa-style dip with vegetable chips, a topping for most meats (especially pork), and as an addition to any vegetable dish. It’s delicious even if you put an egg in it!

If anything, I’m trying to find out what this green tomato relish doesn’t taste good.

No sugar relish

It may be hard to believe that a sugar-free relish recipe could taste so good, but I didn’t mean to sacrifice quality or add white sugar to this recipe. there is not. Apples and peppers add sweetness without the sugar, making it a delicious flavor that the whole family will love.

chunky green tomato relish

This relish recipe is already quite chunky, but if you want a thicker relish, skip the blender step and leave the relish as is. It can also be a mixture of relishes.

Pureeing the mixture instead of dicing it gives a smoother taste.

the recipe of Canned green tomatoes: the basics

If you’re new to canning, check out my Honey Strawberry Jam tutorial for step-by-step instructions.

  • canning pot With or without rack (you can also use a dishcloth to separate the jar from the bottom)
  • jar of canned food New or reusable with lids (I like the ones that are freezable without “shoulders”)
  • canning equipment Includes jar lifter, funnel, bubble remover/headspace tool and magnetic lid lifter
  • clean cloth
  • sterile tongs and ladle
  • digital or analog scale
  • option: thermometer and meltable can label (I love these labels… no more peeling off old masking tape!)

again, canning rules Always followed by a ‘T’ to prevent spoilage and harmful bacteria in the final product.

Green Tomato Relish FAQ

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