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Green Eggs and Ham With Kale (or Spinach)

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Dr. Seuss’ birthday celebration at school is, of course, a day filled with fun themed activities, including food! Plus, bring one of Dr. Seuss’ most legendary books, Green Eggs and Ham, to life! No one can resist being blown away. No need to break down artificial green dye However, see below for a much more nutritious (and delicious) alternative.

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I didn’t realize how many holidays and special occasions were celebrated until my kids started school.In addition to classics such as Halloween and Valentine’s Day, there are 100 typesth School Day, Presidents Day, Football Friday…and now Dr. Seuss Day! We decided to kick off our Dr. Seuss Day celebrations with this fun green egg and ham recipe that uses kale instead of green dye.

But whether you’re a Dr. Seuss fan or not, you can enjoy this dish for breakfast (or lunch or dinner). I think it would be just as delicious without the colorful toothpicks. 🙂 fun!

uncolored green eggs and ham

If you add food coloring to this green egg and ham recipe, it’s not real food! This recipe gets its green color from rich leafy greens like kale and spinach.

Eggs and kale are a surprisingly good combination. When you’re done, check “Eat Vegetables of the Day” from the list.

real ham ideas

You can’t eat green eggs and ham without ham!Unfortunately deli meat is full of additional ingredients contains nitratesused as a preservative or added during the curing process.

To avoid this, you can either replace it with homemade baked ham or enjoy deli ham in moderation from time to time (deli meat is not something you buy regularly).

Kale and Egg Recipe for Busy Mornings

This isn’t just a special occasion breakfast recipe. You can easily whip up these delicious green eggs with kale on busy mornings and start your day healthy, lush and leafy. I have fresh or frozen kale and spinach on hand.

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