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Green and White Kitchen Christmas Decor

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Add cute kitchen Christmas decorations to your home with these simple seasonal touches.

christmas home tour

I’m teaming up with Krista today happy house Take a tour of her villa. Over the next two days she will exhibit 15 houses. It’s always a pleasure to see all the incredibly exciting tours your friends are sharing. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

A white kitchen decorated for Christmas with green accent colors.

If you are traveling from Confessions of a Serial DIYer, Welcome! Christy is so talented and she always does her best DIY projects. If you missed it, please stop by and say hello!

A white kitchen decorated for Christmas with green accent colors.

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christmas kitchen decorations

Today, I’m going to introduce you to some Christmas kitchen decorations and show you some easy ways to add some seasonal flair to your own kitchen. Over the years, I’ve developed a simple routine for adding seasonal décor to my kitchen. So… here are some easy ways to add some Christmas magic to your kitchen.

A white kitchen decorated in green and white.

Style your tray.

I always like to start with some sort of Christmas display that sets the color scheme and overall mood for the rest of the kitchen. Good for this as it will be your focal point when walking in. This year we chose a green and white color scheme and incorporated a bit of a Christmas tree theme. I also used dried orange slices to add a little pop of color {you can find an easy DIY here}.

A white kitchen decorated in green and white.

Using a tray on the base helps keep everything contained and makes things feel a little more cohesive.

Add artificial branches and greenery.

If you want to easily add a seasonal touch, simply place artificial winter branches or greenery in vases or bowls.

Christmas kitchen sink.

the big stem Target And I picked up a lot of little things juniper spray on Amazon.Using the same green throughout the space helps tie everything together

Greens, ornaments and dried oranges in a kitchen bowl.

Mix functionality and decoration.

If you have a small kitchen or don’t like clutter, mix your favorite Christmas ornaments with your regular kitchen items. I added two Christmas trees and extra kitchen towels to the utensil tray along with Christmas rolling pins and wooden spoons. I also found a cute Christmas tree cutting board stacked behind.

A kitchen tray decorated for Christmas.

Dress up your sink.

It may be weird, but I always like to dress up my sink for the holidays. 😉

Christmas kitchen sink.

Gather all your sink essentials on a tray or cutting board. I got this cute Christmas bowl at Marshall’s for kitchen scrubbing his brush for just a few bucks.of dishwashing detergent The hand soap bottles were from Grove Collaborative.

Dish soap and hand soap on the cake stand.

Switch artwork.

A simple frame with holiday artwork is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to add some seasonal flair to your room. We have lots of free Christmas printables on our blog. There is something for every color scheme and style.

Merry Little Christmas Free Christmas artwork hangs in a white kitchen.

I used this Merry Little Christmas print this year, but here’s a little peek at one of the new Christmas tree prints I’m using in my dining room.

Free Christmas tree art that you can print on frames.

On the other side of the room, we also used the North Pole Cookie Company sign. There are plenty of color variations, and finally I was able to use green!

Printable Christmas vignette featuring clock ticks and Cookie Co.

Create a drink bar

No one drinks coffee here, but I like the hot drink bar for tea, hot chocolate and chai.bought this milk frother About a year ago and I love it! I often drink steamed milk in the evening or make a chai latte. It also makes the best hot chocolate. If you’re looking for coffee bar labels {like chai labels}, you’ll find them here.

Christmas hot beverage bar in white kitchen.

Add some fresh greens.

I don’t have a real Christmas tree anymore, but I still love trying to add fresh greenery to other parts of the house. I love this piece centered around Christmas greenery and various white flowers.

Christmas centerpiece decorated with fresh greenery and white flowers.

A white kitchen decorated for Christmas in green and white.

light up!

I don’t think there is a room in our house without twinkle lights. They just make everything look nice!I always battery operated twinkle light It has a timer so you don’t forget to turn it on and off every day. Set it once to turn on when it starts getting dark and leave it on for 6 hours.

A white and green Christmas vignette with a tree in the kitchen.

Christmas Home Tour Details

If you’d like to see more of our Christmas homes, you can view our Christmas living room tour here.

Living room decorated for Christmas in green and white.

Living room decorated for Christmas in green and white.

We’ll be sharing the rest of our home tour later this week as well. Let’s take a little peek into our Christmas bedroom…

Bedroom decorated for Christmas in green and white.

Bedroom dresser decorated for Christmas in green and white.

…and a diner, so be sure to check it out!

Amber glass jar and green Christmas centerpiece.

For more Christmas kitchen decorating ideas, check out some of our previous Christmas kitchen home tours here.

That’s it. Enjoy this tour and add a little Christmas magic to your home. If you are new here, I would love to keep in touch! You can always subscribe to my email in the sidebar to be notified of new posts or find me here…

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Before you leave, visit Norma’s gorgeous home at: paint me pinkI love her style and she always takes the most beautiful photos.

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